6Red Science Day

Moon Crater Experiment

We carried out a moon crater experiment to learn more about the surface of the Moon and planets like ours, Venus, Mercury and Mars. We investigated the factors that affect the size and shape of craters using marbles and how it relates to the craters on the moon.

Hydrophobic Art

Hydrophobic literally means “the fear of water”. Hydrophobic molecules and surfaces repel water. Hydrophobic liquids, such as oil, will separate from water. Dyes and water colour paints are mostly made of water, which clings to paper. They do not adhere as easily to wax or oil.wax, an organic chemical, is hydrophobic.

Katherine Johnson

We created a fact file about Katherine Johnson . She was an amazing mathematician and scientist.She was one of the first African- American women to work as a mathematician for NASA.

Phases of the Moon

We worked in pairs and created a spinner which showed 8 phases of the Moon.The spinners were donated to Year 5 to help their learning about space in Autumn term..

SOLE- What if there were no Moon?

We recreated a double page spread to present our predictions of what could happen if there were no moon.

At the end of the day we shared out learning with Year 5.

3 responses to “6Red Science Day”

  1. Afreen S.

    I enjoyed science day and had lots of fun! My favourite part of the day was making hydrophobic art and seeing the impact is has on oil pastels and water colour paint.

  2. Surinder J.

    I had so much fun!
    My favourite part was when we did a double page spread and the hydrophobic art.

  3. Manvi R.

    I enjoyed science day as we got to learn about the moon.

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