6Red’s Medieval news reports.

Today in our literacy lesson, children used role play to present a Medieval news reports. Using their teamwork skills, they presented news reports as a journalist.
They were challenged to present better news reports than what teachers did.

What skills are required to present a good news report?

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  1. Yaw A.

    Some key skills are eye contact, eye contact is important so all your viewers are engaged and can hear you. You also need good expression, without telling a story. This is important so you can catch the viewers attention.

  2. Afreen S.

    The key skills on having a good presentation is to make eye contact,
    Walk confidently, don’t move to much and show a smile

  3. Manvi R.

    The skills you need to make a good news report are, eye contact, a clear and loud voice and you also have to use expressions (but this depends on what sort of text you are reading.

  4. Kaif B.

    What Are the skills required to present a news report?

    The Skills for a news report is You have to have eye contact when looking in the audience always make expression and you have to be loud so that the audience can hear you

  5. Surinder J.

    What skills are required to present a good news report?
    The skills that are required to represent a good news report is to make eye contact when reading. You also have to be loud and clear. Another skill you need is to give expression.

    1. Mrs Sharma

      Why do you think eye contact is important?

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