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  1. I am reading diary of a wimpy kid, I would describe it goofy and exciting.
    Tyson is reading diary of a wimpy kid, he would describe it as magnificent.

  2. I’m reading waiting for goldie and the adjectives I would use for it is: exciting,intense , interesting , glamorous and astonishing.
    For my library book I’m reading The Abandoned Kitten and the adjectives I would use for it is: Creepy , adventurous , surprising and mysterious.

  3. 1.(/my reading book called “Aliens at paradise high”)
    Dark, heartbreaking, exciting , simple, predictable, astonishing and surprising.
    2. ( My Library book which is called “the demon headmaster “ also was our first reading novel in year 4)
    Addictive, exciting brilliant, unique, fascinating , engaging , entertaining, astonishing, surprising and lastly adventurous.

  4. I am reading count Karlstien and it is set in a dangerous land with many criminals, the book contains eerie places and adventurous children!

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