Mrs Sharif

Mrs Sharif

🔤Phonics in Reception!🔤

Have a look at the video below to identify and practice your phonemes correctly. Red group Can you recognise the correct initial sound to match the pictures? Orange and Yellow group Can you write the initial sound to match the…

This week in BH Library.

BOOKS OF THE WEEK Year 6 visits the library to find facts about DNA. Year 5 and Year 6 explored the library during their lunch break. Story time Reception visit the library for their story time. Know the author Library…

RIP Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth ll

Today we say one last farewell to Her Majesty The Queen Elizebeth ll. Pupil and staff of Broad Heath came together to give their respect to Her Majesty. “Grief is the price we pay for love” – Queen Elizabeth ll

Read a book challenge!

Library has set a challenge for you “Read a book challenge “ The following checklist will encourage you to read outside of your usual genre. You can tick more than one box if your book covers that challenge. We hope…

Library Books Reminder- For Parents 

Books are expensive and we do not have the funds to replace lost books. If your child has a library book then it needed to be returned by 12th July 2022 to avoid an invoice being sent.  If your child…

Sports games in Year 1

Today Year 1 took part in sports games, where some of our lovely parents also joins in . The children showed their brilliance, resilience and teamwork skills. We are so proud of everyone who took part. We were 2nd !!

Y1 – Sharing Our Presents

Hi Year 1 children, hope you had a lovely long weekend and children who celebrated Eid, we hope you had a lovely Eid with your friends and family. Today we gave presents to each other as a part of our…

1Blue Learn About Capacity and Volume

This week in maths, the children have had so much fun exploring volume and capacity. The children have used their measuring and comparing skills to investigate the capacity of different containers. They also estimated how many jugs of water will…

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