A day in 2 Red

We hope you had an interesting, fun day! We certainly did.

6 responses to “A day in 2 Red”

  1. Huzaifah J.

    I loved year 2 Red

  2. Adam O.

    I enjoyed the whole day because it was about art and I lover art.

  3. Jasmine P.


  4. Amina I.

    i had a exciting day meeting my new teachers.

  5. Mrs J Patel

    I am so pleased you all had a great day in your new class 2Red.
    I agree with what you’ve teachers said you are going to be Blooming Brilliant. I know you are going to be brilliant on our trip tomorrow too.

  6. Mrs Watkins

    We had a great day everyone! Looking forward to being in 2Red in September! ⭐️💐

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