A reason why I am a great BH Citizen

It is important that we don’t always take but we learn to give as well. Tell me one reason why you believe you are a great BH citizen. Think about our values, the experiences you have and the memories  . Come on let’s all shine!


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  1. I am a good role model Because I show kindness and tenacity and if anyone is sad I would go up to them and say what’s wrong and I will tell the DRA or a teacher

  2. A reason I am a good role model and a citizen is I respect everyone and greet everyone with respect. I make everyone happy and I always have a growth mindset.

  3. I make people feel good about themselves and make friends with different people when someone is calling for help I can always help them for example somebody is getting bullied I would stop fighting and have a talk with them whoever started the fight will have a talk with me or the teachers.And that’s how I am a great citizen.

  4. Why you believe you are a great BH citizen.
    I am a great broad Heath citizen because I follow the rules,I always try my best and be a great role model.