A sprinkle of kindness

Words and actions are worth more than presents. You don’t have to be rich to give someone the greatest gift…kind words and a helping hand. Tell me how you have done this ,this week. Make the kindness coach proud.

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  1. Sheik A.

    I help my mum

  2. Murtaza A.

    I been kind by helping my mum to do the wash

  3. Maryum N.

    I sometimes was the dishes and mop the floors but as well I clean the table with table spray.

  4. Ameen K.

    I help my mum cook my mom clean my mom do laundry my mom bake

  5. Luxor A.

    I have been kind this week by helping my friend in maths when it was hard.

  6. Myiesha S.

    I have been kind to my mum by helping her with cooking and helping her clean the house.
    I agree with you Mrs Frankish because if you are rich you do not have to buy you friends or family expensive stuff you can buy a card for 50p or a chocolate box for £2 or a Barbie doll for £3.
    It does not mean that if you are rich you have to buy the best gift at least you have brought them something it does not have to be so expensive.

  7. Tipian I.

    I had been kind to my mother because I helped her sort out the living room with tidying up the toys and doing the hoover.
    I definitely agree with you , you don’t need to be rich to gift someone the greatest gift like you can gift someone a birthday card 70p and some toys like a three dolls for £9 .
    So if you are rich it doesn’t mean you are about to gist some pone the greatest gift.

  8. Sumayyah A.

    I have done this this week by just being kind and listening to others.

  9. Zahraa Y.

    I have been kind because I have told the kindness coach about how I like drawing and showed him my drawing/illustrations and gave him a sweet.
    And I like to make stickers for my teachers.

  10. Mr Kane

    4 Red have shown the class and the school lots of respect. Practising and teaching each other coronation and assembly songs. Looking after the school. We have helped each other with our learning. We have played fairly and embodied the school values.

  11. Mrs Latham

    In 5 White, we discussed how we can be kind to others.
    Redir has been trying to complement people.
    Zahra D has been helping people with their maths.
    Karanbir, Zahraa Y and Mosh gave illustrations to the kindness coach.

    – 5 White

  12. Minhaj A.

    I have been kind this week by opening door for people and respectful to others.
    I have been learning about and listening to what people do.
    This week I have also been a good citizen by showing kindness.

  13. Irfa M.

    I have been kind by helping my friends by showing a easy trick for them a easy way in doing a trick on some of the bars.

  14. Welat M.

    I help my mom and dad every day by helping them shop and carry the bags and put them in my house and help my little brother with his homework.

  15. Yahya K.

    I have helped Mrs Khaliq by practicing the Eid assembly songs.

  16. Hussein H.

    I’ve shown kindness to adults by asking about their day

  17. Sayda A.

    I have let someone use something of mine sayda
    I once played with someone who was lonely. Janelle
    sayda and janelle

  18. Mrs Shergill (RB)

    In Reception Blue we have talked about how we always need to remember to be kind.
    Mohammed A-“I played nicely with my brother and sister.”
    Azra-“I helped my brother when he got hurt.”
    Ayman-“I helped tidy up in the classroom.”
    Sarah-“I told the grown up when Lily fell down.”

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