This circle game is from Ghana.

9 responses to “Year 3 African Music”

  1. Liyana M.

    I loved it thank you Mr Russell

  2. Hamza M.

    I like the the song I hope everyone else will enjoy it.

  3. Ebeid M.

    I loved the music.

  4. Carter D.


  5. Rayan M.

    I like song.

  6. Charis O.

    I love this music

  7. Havin A.

    I like the stage lion king song beacause there costumes are so nice 👍🏾
    I like west African song because they are confident 👧🏻

  8. Jebrin Y.

    I like the music so much

  9. Havin A.

    I have not seen soweto Gospel Choir.I like it because it is dancing to the beat and
    There clothes are nice.
    I have not seen west African _ since. I like it because it shows how hot and cold by it’s look and they dance nicely.

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