Art Week at Broad Heath 2018

Who did you learn about during Art Week?

What creative things did you do?

What was your favourite part of this week?

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  1. We have learnt about the six Swahili and how they carry the pots on their head.we also had to make a backround and then we had to draw the six Swahili women on the backround and that was my favourite part in art week.

  2. I claude monet and maroline mequita. claude monet does painting and maroline mequitamake things. The most i like claude monet. i love both.

  3. I learnt about different kinds of art because six red learnt about Egyptian art and African artist Cheri Samba which are two different kinds of art in many different ways.The Egyptian art is more elegant and each image has a meaning.And the Egyptians kind of hiding their art.But Cheri Samba uses his art by showing what he means.

  4. 1) I leant about David Hockney’s paintings and Caravaggio paintings
    2) I drawed a one point perspective AND It was CREATIVE👍
    3) my favourite part was when I got to paint my one perspective drawing

    I like art week it was the best week ever!

  5. 1.During this week I have been learning about claude monet,Caroline Masquita,John Agard.2.At art week I made a foil persons and made
    poses with our persons it was fun.3.My favroute part is that we made foil persons and made poses with them.

  6. Who did you learn about during Art Week? I learnt how to draw a one point perspective.

    Who did you learn about during Art Week? I learnt about David Hockey and Caravaggio.

    What was your favourite part of this week? My favourite part of this week was when we drew one point perspective.

  7. We learnt about David Hockney what type of art he did when he was born and when he died.We did lots of creative things like pencil strokes and brush strokes and one point favourite part of art week was when we got to draw are own one point perspective and practising are techniques in drawing.

  8. I learnt lot of brush strokes and sketching. We all made some amazing paintings and what I really enjoyed was when we were all sketching faces👩🏻!!

  9. we learned about swahili women and how there lives used to be when they used to carry pots on their heads and it was also published by Aboudia.We created 6 swahili women in our art book and then sketched it out on paper also we made backgrounds for our women.My favourite part was when we got to sketch out swahili women on paper and also we made little pictures and Sketched them with chalk.

  10. 1. During art week we learned about Mary Cassattand Kara Walker .
    2. We drawed a portrait of our mum . We also did a slavery poster to represent that slaver was bad and Kara Walker does silhouette about slavery . We blended pastels on a volcano silhouette .
    3. My favourite part was about when we did our poster of slavery and when we did our volcano silhouette .

  11. In art week I have learnt about Noble and Webster and another artist called Michelangelo. Noble and Webster do 3D sculptures and in some artworks the create shadows using old wood or they are re-using things. Michelangelo does paintings of humans and make them look like the pictures are alive. He makes them 3D in some and others are 2D. This artist use a lot of tone to define the key areas of his paintings.

    The creative things that we have done are using old junk to make a shadow. This relates to Noble and Websters artwork called sunset marina.

    The favourite thing abut this week was when we made the Noble and Webster design using old junk and made this 3D.

    IT WAS SO FUN !!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!

  12. 1. I learnt about Graham Sutherland and Chris Ofili.
    2. I painted pictures. When we add white colour the colour get lighter and when we add black colour the colour get darker.
    3. I loved painting.

  13. In art week i learnt about Cheri Samber an artist in Africa.Chéri Samba Mbimba N’zingo Nuni Masi Ndo Mbasi (born 30 December 1956) is a painter from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is one of the most famous contemporary African artists, with his works being included in the collections of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A large number of his paintings are also found in The Contemporary African Art Collection (CAAC) of Jean Pigozzi.[1] He has been invited to participate in the 2007 Venice Biennale. His paintings almost always include text in French and Lingala, commenting on life in Africa and the modern world. Samba lives in Kinshasa and Paris.In class we use shading tons to sketch our face.we also made a picollage using different back round and news paper.

  14. I learned about Aguste Rodin. He is very famous because he makes sculptures with dark colours. Aguste Rodin was born in 1914s Aguste Rodin died in 1940s.Kate cooper makes art with photograph into

    fake people to make real people. I learned about what CGI means.My
    favourite part in art week was shading colours to make different shade.

  15. During art week I have learnt about Michelangelo and Noble and Webster.A key fact I learnt is that Michelangelo created a painting called ‘Creation of Adam’ on a ceiling in Italy.A fact about Noble and Webster is that they use recycled materials to create their art and their shadows are also counted as.The creative tasks we completed was making our junk and wire sculptures.When we created our wire sculptures we had to be careful to not hurt ourselves.When we created our junk sculptures we went through trial and error and gave advice to each other on how to improve our sculptures. My favorite part of art week was making our junk sculptures as I like doing creative tasks.This week at school was very memorable.

  16. During art week we learnt about Swahili and Aboudia.
    We used are sharing skills and drew Swahili women and one we did that we used chasm posted paint water paint and pastels.
    When like the first lesson you do a posted and facts about Aboudia and Swahili then then we built up that plan and did the best presentation we could do

  17. I learned that Auguste Rodin is a very famous artist because he makes the best sculptures and Kate Cooper has made lots of people who actually are fake. I made a finger out of pencil and an eye. I loved doing shading the most.
    My favourite part was learning about Kate Cooper and Auguste Rodin it was so much fun learning about them.

  18. I learned in art week Patricia Picinini and Tom Robert.
    We made sculpture like Tom Robert.
    My favourite thing was sketching and painting.😎😎😎😎😎

  19. During art week we were learning about Swahili art. The two different artists we looked at were Aboudia, who draws more skeleton like people, and Abu, who draws more realistic like drawings. The most creative things we did in art week were making Aboudia style art.

  20. 1.In art week, I learnt about the artists Vincent Van Gogh an Damien Hirst.
    2.We made the beautiful revolving sphincter by Damien Hirst and painted the starry night by Vincent Van Gogh.
    3.My favourite part of this week was making the beautiful revolving sphincter because the way we made it was unusual.

  21. I learnt about Luciane fraud and LS Lowry.
    We made the Queen using wax crayons.
    My favourite part in this art week was painting the Queen with the crown.

  22. 1.We learnt about Bianca Hester and Sydney Nolan in art week.
    2.We ceated a schetch of Sydney Nolan and Bianca Hester.
    3.I liked scetching and add tone to our work.

  23. I loved art week.
    In 3 white we were learning about Patricia Piccinini and Tom Roberts. Both of the artists are Australian but they were born in Britain. Patricia created sculptures that were hybrids, but Roberts painted landscapes and portraits.

  24. I have enjoyed sketching Aboudia Art work we used sketching pencil for the outlines we did the darkest pencil which is 6B pencil. I loved sketching aboudia art work l have improved on my art and l loved art week

    • We was learning about Aboudia .
      I used different shades of pencil which are crosshatching and many others.
      My have learned how to sketch Aboudia art work.

  25. I learned about Mary Cassat and Kara Walker.
    In art week we made a silhouette and we blended pastels together.
    My favourite part of the week was when my class made the silhouette.

  26. Who did you learn about during art week?
    We learned about David Hockney and Caravaggio.

    What creative things did you do?
    I sketched my own 1. Prescriptive landscape.

    What was your favourite part of the week?
    My favourite part was when we painted our own landscape.

  27. I learnt how to use one point perspective and shading .we painted our one point perspective sketches and we made some yummy biscuits.My favourite part was painting our pictures

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