School is back open on the Tues 4th June.

Dear Parents/Carers

You are cordially invited to join the Pastoral Team for Cake and cold drinks to celebrate the Coronation on Friday 5th May 2023@2.00pm. If it rains, we will use the Muga and hall.

There will be the opportunity to have a photograph taken with our own version of the King!

Please leave a comment to let us know if you can join us. Nursery AM and families are also welcome to join us.

150 responses to “Attention Parents/Carers-Friday 5th May 2023!”

  1. Aizah U.

    We will be attending

  2. Yogitha K.

    Thank you for the info

  3. Naksh P.

    My dad will come or not because he mabye is tiered

  4. Rishaan C.

    My Mum will be coming to the Coronation party.

  5. Amina H.

    My mum will come

  6. Hammad A.

    mu mum come

  7. Marwah K.

    My mum will be coming.

  8. Nick C.

    My mum will be coming thank you for the information👑🤴

  9. Ebnezere A.

    My mommy will come

  10. Nihit N.

    Thank you for the information!

  11. Adam K.

    Thank you for the information adams mum will attend

  12. Dhonshan R.

    My mom will come.

  13. Aiyla I.

    My mum will be coming

  14. Inayha H.

    My mom will be coming :)

  15. Hosanna N.

    One of my parents will attend on the Coronation day. Thank you Mrs Raji_Khan.

  16. Adrian O.

    My mum will be coming.

  17. Elisei-Ionut P.

    My mum will come

  18. Adam A.

    My mom will come

  19. Hashinika P.

    My mom will come

  20. Mohammed K.

    My mum will be coming

  21. Shayla A.

    Thanks for information

  22. Riya S.

    Riyas mom will come

  23. Oscar R.

    My mum coming

  24. Maryam K.

    My mum will be coming.

  25. Martyna Z.

    My grandmom coming

  26. Aleksandra D.

    My mom coming .

  27. Iqra A.

    My mum coming.

  28. Dean-Junior L.

    Ok thanks for the information

  29. Tasneem S.

    Tanks for information

  30. IsaiahW0914

    Thanks for information

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