Author Visit in Y6!

What a fantastic opportunity we were able to take part in today! Famous Children’s Author, Chris Allton came to Broad Heath today and shared his awesome collection of stories with our Year 6 pupils! We were able to learn about his journey as an Author, his inspirations and take part in a Q&A!

Chris’ book collection:

Book Signings:

Knight School 3 Workshop:


  1. I really enjoyed it as we were able to meet an author. I also enjoyed creating Ideas for Knight School III as we were able to use our imagination.

  2. It was a very great experience because we got to buy books (signed) for only 5 pound. I brought 2 books for 10 pound,Night school and Night school II. I hope this author visits this school again When night school III comes out. I will definitely buy that book and hopefully finish The series! The workshop was also very fun! My new character I made was called ‘Neval’ he was lord stanley long lost son and lord Stanley gave there role as head teacher in night school to Neval. The problem I created was that accitus persuaded Neval to shut down Night school. The way Elenor and Adam can save this is by reminding Neval how he became headteacher.

  3. Thank you so much Chris for coming to visit I really enjoyed when you were explaining all of your books and what there like. And thank you for giving us the opportunity to by a book for just £5

  4. I enjoyed the assembly and I loved the 10 different teachers we had to chooose which one is our teacher is and we give our ideas for the new knight school 3 to help the author.

  5. 👍🏽I enjoyed this because we got to create ideas for his new book( knight school III ) and that is not a everyday thing so I really enjoyed this experience. Also we got to get some of his books 📚 for £5 each and we got is signature and Timothy started a cult of him writing anime is the best and that was really funny. 🤣

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