Year 2 Homework

As we are coming to the end of our year in Year 2 we have decided to set a project!

Throughout Topic we have covered and learnt about different continents and their countries.

It is your chance to be the teacher!

You have to pick a country within the world and present it to the class.

This can be a poster, report, spider diagram, travel diary, factual book or a pic collage.

Your project can include:

  1. Headings
  2. Subheadings
  3. Pictures and captions
  4. Introduction
  5. Information about: Location, Languages, Money, People, Weather, Landmarks, Food and Animals.

Be adventurous!

Click on the links below.

Explore the World

Around the World

World Fact Monster

Facts about countries

 This homework is due in any time before the 15th July

14 thoughts on “Year 2 Homework

  1. Brazil has one rain forest animals like: tree frog,different types of birds types of monkeys live in the amazon rain forest.
    Brazil is the largest in south america.
    Most of the people that live in Brazil are poor so they have to get the pears from the rain forest
    And for water they drink from cocunats.

  2. Brazil is the largest country in the whole of south America. The name Brazil comes from a tree named Brazil wood. It is called Brasil in portugese ,the official language spoken is Brazil. Brazil is the only country in south America that speak portugese.

  3. well a picture poster will tell you about some information about the poster whats on the poster or what have you done.The picture shows you the picture and you can see what photo is on the picture . So that’s why it is called a picture gram. Travel diary it is like a diary but you write something like when you go to spain you might write a diary entry that when you went to spain and what you where doing in spain.

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