Ms Hameed

Ms Hameed

Reception White

Today the children described what is special about themselves. Please take a look at our learning.

THANK YOU Reception Children!

Hi Reception, I really enjoyed spending lots of time with you all over the year and I really enjoyed helping you with your learning too. You’re all superstars! I will miss you all lots. All the best for year one…

Reception Portfolio

Physical Education / Art and Design / Literacy Maths and Communication and Language Understanding of the world SEAL

SMSC – Reception White

Today we learnt about a holy place which is special to Muslims. We looked at different features of a mosque and what is found, when you enter inside. We learnt some new vocabulary and what Muslims do at the mosque.…

Seal- Reception

Today Reception visited Nursery. The children made a poster of activities that they have enjoyed doing ,during there time in reception. They presented this to the afternoon Nursery class. This helped nursery to learn about all the fun things that…

Understanding the World in Reception White.

Today Reception spoke about the differences they notice between people ,from birth to elderly. They also ordered pictures , putting them in order from youngest to oldest. Please take a look at our learning.

To Learn New Vocabulary!

Today the children in Reception White listened to the story ‘The tiny Little seed’. They they used some new vocabulary, to talk about how the seed develops during the different seasons.Please take at look at our learning for today.

Reception Portfolio

Maths and P.E Literacy/ Communication and Language Understanding the world/Expressive Arts and Design and PSED

Reception White meet a police officer.

Our topic for this term is ‘ People who help us’, so today the children were lucky enough to have a visit from a police officer. They had the opportunity to learn about what they do, ask questions and try…

Reception White Homework Gallery!😊

Spring Term Week 1 A super well done to all the children who have completed their homework this week , either by sending us a picture or completing it in your homework book. Please collect a peg on Monday. 😊👍👏…

To engage in non- fiction books.

Today reception visited the school library and explored a variety of non- fiction books, relating to ‘People Who Help Us’. With adult support the children developed an understanding of non- fiction texts. Please take a look at our learning. To…

World Book Day in Reception White!

Today we took part in some role play on how to act like super heroes. We also talked about our outfits and what our super power was. Please take a look at our video, which showcases our learning. Super Hero…

Reception Well-Being Day!

Today, all of our reception children took part in a range of activities, this went on throughout the day. Please take a look at our video which showcases all our learning.😊 Part 1 Part 2

Reception White Literacy.

Today we listened and talked about stories to build familiarity and understanding.To learn new vocabulary. Please take a look at our learning.

Room in a Broom by Reception White.

Reception listened carefully to the story ‘Room on a Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. They then used props and resources to retell the story using key story language. Please take a look at our video which showcases our learning. Can you…

To Explore and Compare Mass.

The children used balance scales to explore mass. They used cubes and developed an understanding of the vocabulary, heavy and light. They were able to use this when comparing mass and making observations from what they can see. Please watch…

To understand the changing Seasons.

Today the children in Reception White went for a walk around our playground, and spoke about how the current season has effected the natural world around us. Please take a look at our learning.