How to wash your hands

Today One Red learnt how to wash their hands correctly.We watched a short video and then we had a class discussion to explain to the children why it is important to wash their hands. Please watch the video below. Can you tell me why it is important to wash your hands? How long should you […]

To Describe Summer

Today in Science we have been describing summer weather and how it makes us feel. Choose a picture above and write some sentences to describe what you can see. Please use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. I also want you to use adjectives and conjunctions to make your sentences more interesting. The best […]

Planets in Our Solar System

In Science week One Red learnt all about the different planets in our solar system. Can you answer the following questions below: How many planets are there in our solar system? Can you list them in order? Draw, colour and label all the planets on a piece of paper and bring it in by Thursday, […]

Measuring in One Red

In Maths this week we have been learning how to measure in centimetres. The children have had the opportunity to go into the playground and measure the fence, bench and goal post.Take a look at the video showcasing what they have been learning. Can you use a ruler or measuring tape to measure some objects […]

Animal Visit in One Red

Today in One Red we had a visit from the Animal Lady .The children saw a variety of different animals. Take a look at our video below showcasing the childrens learning.       What animals did we see? Which animals were omnivores ? Which animal was your favourite and why?

Fantastic Foleshill

In Topic we are learning about Fantastic Foleshill. Today One Red went for a walk down Foleshill road to see what we could see. The children found alot of shops and banks and other places of local interest. Take a look at the video below showcasing the children’s learning.   What places did we see […]

Reading In One Red

In the holidays One Red, I would like you to read your school reading book and answer a few questions about the book you have read.                    What is the title of your book? Who are the main characters of the book? What is the story about? what is your favorite part of the […]