Reception White Animal Visit!

Today reception white had the opportunity to experience different animals that we can find on a farm and we learnt how to take care of them. Please take a look at our learning.😊

Which animal can you hear in the video?

What was your favourite animal and why?

8 responses to “Reception White Animal Visit!”

  1. Zahra U.

    Zahra says: I can hear the girl duck animal in the video making a quack sound.

    My favourite animal is the rabbit thats because i like it its so beautiful, soft and fluffy.

    1. Miss Matthias

      Super well done Zahra!

  2. Hamaad B.

    I love animals. I can hear duck in the video make a loud noise. I love sheeps.

    1. Miss Matthias

      fantastic answer Hamaad!

  3. Jasmine M.

    I really liked meeting all the farm animals, I heard sounds from the ducks, the sheep, the goat and the dog.

    My favourite animal was the cute dog who was so friendly and fluffy to touch.

    1. Miss Matthias

      What a super answer Jasmine! :) Well done

  4. Isabella F.

    I liked all the animals, because they were all so cute.
    I heard ducks and dogs in the video.

    1. Miss Matthias

      Superstar! Well done!

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