This term in Topic Reception Red are learning about Transport. The children have used construction to build a type of transport and then have talked about what they know about that type of travel.Please take a look at our video and answer the questions below. First 5 children to comment win a lollipop. Thanks!๐Ÿ˜Š Can […]

Reception Red Planting Cress!

Today Reception Red planted cress to observe the changes that happen over time.They developed their communication skills by talking about the process of planting and what the plant will need to grow. Please take a look at our video which showcases the childrenโ€™s learning.

Reception Reading time!05.03.2021

Hello this is your final ditty online before we go back to school.Make sure you answer the questions in full sentences please. 1.What is the story called? 2.What 3 things did the little boy want? 3.Was he allowed to have It? 4.Why do you think he wasn’t allowed to have it? 5.Can you tell me […]

Receptions Reading Time! 01.03.2021

Hello superstars another ditty for you to read with your mums and dads or other grown ups. Please make sure you read the speed sounds first then the green / red words before the story. The questions are there to help you develop your children’s comprehension skills. Please make sure you encourage your child to […]

Receptions Reading Time! 26.02.2021๐Ÿค—

Hello super stars its reading time again! As always have ago at reading the ditty card, use your segmenting and blending skills to help you. Remember to read the speed sounds first, followed by the green/red words. Question’s to ask your child. 1.What is the title of the story? 2.What 3 pens did the girl […]

Receptions Reading Time! 22.02.21

Hello superstars we hope you are all well and had a nice week at home.We have a new ditty for you to read today, as always please read the speed sounds first. Followed by the green/ red words and then the story. Parents use the questions to support your child’s comprehension skills.Please encourage them to […]

Receptions Reading Time! 17.02.2021

Hello superstars we hope you are all well. Today you have another ditty to read.Remember to read the speed sounds first, followed by the green / red words and then the story. Use the questions to develop your child’s comprehension skills. Make sure you encourage your child to answer in full sentences. Question you can […]

Reception Reds Performance Videos!๐Ÿค—

Hello superstars, it has been a fun week of Music. You have all done so well with your performances and we are super proud of you all! Check out your super videos below! ๐Ÿ˜Š 1.What activity have you enjoyed this week and why? 2.What did you enjoy about your performance? 3. What instrument did you […]

Basic Skills-Thursdays Nursery Rhythm.

Music Week! Humpty, Dumpty Sat on the Wall! Hello Reception superstars, for music week I have sang you a nursery rhythm. Please join in! But don’t try this at home!!๐Ÿ˜„ What is the title of this nursery rhythm? Which words are the rhyming words? Which words are repeated ? What is your favourite nursery rhythm […]

Receptions Reading Time!๐Ÿค— 05.02.2021

Hello to all our super star readers.We hope you are all well.Today I have put up another new ditty for you to read. Remember to read the speed sounds first, followed by your grren/ red words. Parents the questions are there to help your child with their comprehension skills.You do not need to post answers […]

Receptions Reading Time!๐Ÿค— 01.02.2021

Hello to all our lovely reception children.We hope you are all well. Today Mrs Hameed has another ditty for you to read. Please read the speed sounds, then the green/ red words first. Please can parent’s write in your children’s white reading diarys, the date and a comment about how your child read. You do […]

Receptions Reading Time.๐Ÿค—29.01.2021

Hello super star learners, we hope you are all well.I have added a new ditty card for you to read today. Please practise the speed sounds, green and red words first. Parents can you please note in your children’s diaries after they have read.Thanks! Please use the questions below to ask your child, after they […]

Learning how to use scissors – 29.01.21

Hello Reception and Nursery, today we are going to learn how to use scissors in the correct way.Watch the video to learn how to cut correctly. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and some scissors. Now I have put an activity up for you to try, using your scissors.Ask your grown ups […]

Receptions Reading Time.๐Ÿค— 27.01.2021

Hello super stars learners.Today Mrs Hameed has put up a new ditty card for you to learn. When you are reading your ditty card practise the speed sounds, green and red words first. Remember to read with your grown up.๐Ÿ˜Š You do not need to respond to the blog. Please use these questions to ask […]

Space Day!

This week our story is all about โ€˜Aliens in Underpantsโ€™, as part of our learning we dressed up in either space or alien themed outfits.We made rockets using the different building equipment available.We took part in a space walk and we made rockets. We also did some super writing for our display. The children had […]

Mrs Hameed Phonics Group.

Hi everyone ,first we are going to recap the digraphs we learnt in the last two weeks .These were ‘sh’ and ‘ch‘ . Watch the videos below to help you recap what we have learnt. This week superstars we will be learning the digraph ‘th‘ .Please watch the video to help you. Can you write […]

Exploring the dark in Reception Red.

This week we are learning about light and dark.The children in Reception Red explored dark places around the school, this helped us to learn about what dark meant. Then as part of our SEAL work we worked together in small groups to build a dark den.The children really enjoyed this. Please take a look at […]

Reception Well-being Day 20.10.20

Today for Receptions Well-being day, the children all participated in a range of activities linked to their well-being. The children developed their fine motor skills when colouring in a picture of leaf . They also created some lovely leaf printing pictures by painting on the veins of the leaf and then pressing firmly down on […]