Reception White meet a police officer.

Our topic for this term is ‘ People who help us’, so today the children were lucky enough to have a visit from a police officer. They had the opportunity to learn about what they do, ask questions and try on some police hats and a safety jacket. Please take a look at what your child learnt today.
First 3 children to answer question, will receive a prize. 😊

What did you learn from our police visit today?

7 responses to “Reception White meet a police officer.”

  1. Shivam S.

    I learned that police use cameras to record people, they also catch bad guys. They use radios to talk to other police officers. Police can put bad people in jail. Police wear hats.

  2. Tamarah A.

    Tamarah said the police catch the bad people and help people when you are in trouble.

  3. Prabal S.

    Prabal said..police catches bad people and put them in jail by using handcuffs.

  4. Anastazja P.

    I learnt that the Police catch bad people and when they are very naughty their hands are kept in handcuffs in the back. The Police oficer has a number badge, a hat, a walkie talkie, a body camera and safety things down.

  5. Otillia

    The police does not only catche bad guys but also help us.
    If we get lost, we can go to them and they help us.

  6. Khloe D.

    I learnt that they catch bad guys and they use handcuffs and if they are really bad they get there arms behind their back.

  7. Saladin M.

    Salahdin said that he learned the police officers take the bad people to jail and the police officers have belts.
    Thank you everyone.

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