Choir Auditions for Years 3,4,5 and 6.

This years school singing choir will be auditioned. Those who are successful will be invited to rehearsals after school on a Monday in the Studio. Parents are to pick up students at 3.55 from Webster Gate. Pupils who are successful will receive a letter to parents with a permissions slip to be returned before the […]

Meet a Composer

On Thursday the 21st of July, we are welcoming the Composer of the Coventry City of Culture Cantata: Kevin Stannard. Kevin will deliver an hours workshop with two year groups. Year 4 & 5 have been learning songs about Coventry’s historical and Industrial past.

I Love this City Gareth Withers

3 Red With Miss Holland and Mrs Begum went to to Coventry Broadgate yesterday to perform with other Schools within the Aspire Network or Schools. The young people worked with the COMPOSER of the song; Gareth Withers, who directed the performance. Watch the video below of their performance. Well Done All. Mr Russell

Flow my Teares John Dowland

Flow, my tears, fall from your springs!Exiled for ever, let me mournWhere night’s black bird her sad infamy singsThere let me live forlornDown vain lights, shine you no moreNo nights are dark enough for thoseThat in despair their last fortunes deploreLight doth but shame discloseNever may my woes be relievedSince pity is fledAnd tears and […]

Cultural Cantata performance: Wednesday

Butterworth Hall, Warwick Arts Centre 53 Broadheath pupils from Years 4,5 and 6 participated in Performance with other schools on Wednesday at the Warwick Arts Centre. Pupils were looked after by the wonderful Mrs Habib and Mrs Sanders. The coaches were late arriving to pick us up, and pupils behaved maturely: Being very sensible and […]

We love this City

Dear Parents of Children of 3 Red You child has been invited to take part in a choir performance on Monday 4th July in Broadgate, Coventry City Centre (next to the Lady Godiva statue).  The children will be rehearsing and singing a song called  ‘We love this City’ along with children from other schools in […]

Cultural Cantata

Please use this link to find the 10 (we are not singing number 9) songs we are learning. Please focus your learning to Numbers 1 and 2. Password: Cuca2021