Canons and Rounds

In this 4 week project we will be learning: What an ostinato is? Is there a difference between a round and a canon? To play/sing the nursery rhymes “Row, row, row your boat” and “Frere Jacques”. Using the glockenspiels in UNISON and in CANON. Students will record a solo, and canon performance each.

Patterns in Music

Somewhere over the rainbow’s STRUCTURE is A A B A coda. The FORM is: AA BB AA C A Did you hear that the last return of the A section had a different feel about it? The Opening A section is loud and heroic like the character’s deeds. The last A section show that the […]

Patterns in Music

Watch the video about patterns in music Follow the shapes: the patterns help us understand the FORM and STRUCTURE of the music. Here is the theme tune from a TV series and film called “The Addams Family”. This next video is not just fun body percussion. By following the shapes you will also know how […]

Rock Origins Lesson 3

To identify and explore the relationship between sounds and different meanings. Listen to, and compare the two above videos. Which Performance is the most positive? What makes a Rock song Sad? Remember to use musical keywords- Pitch, Rhythm, Dynamics, tempo etc. To describe how music can convey emotion. To identify how sounds can be combined […]

Soul Reggae lesson 3

Soul and Reggae Covers What is a cover song? In popular music, a cover version, remake, cover song, revival, or simply cover, is a new performance or recording by someone other than the original artist or composer of a song. This is Adele’s song “Hello”. The text and the sound of the music is sad. Now listen to this Reggae Cover […]

Moana Music 3

Do you like this song ? What did you like about it- the rhythm, the words, the melody? The Rock is a famous Wrestler and Actor. He is Samoan, Samoa is one of the Islands called the Polynesian Islands. Do you like his singing? Notice that the performer uses a mixture of Singing and speaking. […]

Lion King Music 3

Do you enjoy this song? What do you like about it- do you like the rhythm, melody, instruments? What about the TEMPO? Is the speed of the song important to how it feels? Which dance did you prefer joining in with? Can you follow the shape of the MELODY (tune)? The low PITCH (sound) is […]

Rock Music Origins Lesson 2

Personnel in Bon Jovi. Livin’ on a prayer 1986. Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals. Richie Sambora – electric guitar, talk box, backing vocals. Alec John Such – bass guitar (credited), backing vocals. Tico Torres – drums, percussion, finger cymbals. David Bryan – keyboards, backing vocals. Breaking It Down “Livin’ on a Prayer,” Bon Jovi’s signature hit, epitomized the […]

Lion King Music 2

Clap in time with the song. Gently stamp your feet at the same time as clapping: left, right, left, right. Can you sing along to the song yet? Please listen to the song a few times and join in. REMEMBER to sing with clear words and a tuneful voice. This incredible piece called Earthquake really […]

Moana Music lesson 2

Do you like the song? What do you like about it- did you like the rhythm? Did you like the melody (tune)? How does it make you feel? Many cultures use music to work to. Did you notice that the workers in the field were working in rhythm? How many of you do your housework […]

Soul and Reggae Lesson 2

Reggae is a music genre that began in Jamaica in the late 1960s. Most music from Jamaica comes from the reggae style. The music has regular chops on the back beat (off-beat). These are called “skank”, and are played by a rhythm guitarist. The bass drum hits on the second and fourth beat of each […]

1) Rock Music Origins 1

Did you like any of the songs? Which ones? What was Segregation? To describe different musical elements (pitch, tempo, rhythm, melody and dynamics) with regards to mood and effects in ROCK SONGS In the above Rock Rhythm Grids, we see mathematically how each sound is played in “beat” order. Notice how the rhythms in rock […]

Music & Science Week 2021

Year 2 Music lesson Monday Moana Watch the video below and fill in the missing words. How does the music make you feel? Do you like the music? This Music Week we would like you to learn and record your singing one of the songs from Moana, or clapping, tapping on a table or something […]

Soul and Reggae Music 1

These features can be commonly found in soul music. Instrumentation: Vocals and backing vocals (male and female) Electric Guitar Piano / Electric Piano Electric Organ / Keyboards Bass Percussion Drum Kit Horn Section (Trumpet, Saxophones, and Trombone) String Section How does “My Girl” makes you feel? Is it happy or sad? How fast is the […]

The Lion King Music 1

The opening song to The Lion King- The Circle of Life. Tap your knees Left Left Right Ti-ti Ta Ti-ti Ta (like we will rock you) Do you have any family you could dance with? DO NOT worry if you are dancing by yourself. A great African Drum called a Djembe. Please dance, sing and […]