Hi Year 5,

Here is a recap of your learning this half term. What an awesome half term it has been too. Please share this blog with your adults. Comment on how you have gained and progressed this half term and what you hope to achieve in Spring 1
Have a fabulous holiday. See you in you Spring 1 – Best Wishes from Mrs Jones, Mrs Diaz and Mrs Habib




History and Geography

8 responses to “Year 5 Portfolios – Autumn 2 2022”

  1. Hasbia D.

    I have enjoyed this half term.I enjoyed Spanish day and making the food.

  2. Romeesa T.

    In science we got to do watch mrs Masters put two indgredit it was cake sugar and vinger she shoke up .
    I enjoyed spanish day because we got to learn how the spanish people dance what food they ate .

  3. Muhammad R.

    I enjoyed eating the Patas bravas and I gained on my science knowledge

  4. Umama H.

    I really enjoyed the half term I have gained knowledge because I have learnt what traditional food spanish people have.

  5. Sania K.

    My favourite part of the half term was when we learnt about Spanish food . Other than that I enjoyed to write a persuasive text!

  6. Kanishka P.

    I enjoyed Spanish day

  7. Aisha A.

    I enjoyed Spanish day.
    I liked eating the patas bravas

  8. Markuss B.

    Nice job everyone well done

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