Around the World – Brazil

This week we are learning all about Brazil!  During the week we will be using our imagination to create Rio Carnival head dresses, practising to speak Portuguese,  looking at animals and life in the Amazon Rain Forest. We will be engaging in lots of other fun exciting activities to enhance our learning.

On Friday we will be holding our own Rio Carnival, for which you can come in a fancy dress costume.

A reveller of Renascer samba school dances during the first night of the carnival parade at the SambadromeFile:Flag of Brazil.svg

 Can you find out one fact about Brazil and write it in a sentence on the blog please?

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  1. Around the World: Brazil

    Brazil has a football team, it has won many Football World Cups. It has famous players like Pele, Ronaldo, Thiago Silva, Neymar. In Brazil there is a big Rain forest its called Amazon Rain Forest, there are lots of different types of insect, animals and plants.

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