Wow! What a day! Some fabulous spotty outfits! A great start to the day with Joe Wicks (who had been exercising for 24 hours!!). Lovely “giving” activities in the afternoon. We raised an amazing £250.08 which will definitely help some children less fortunate than ourselves.

Joe Wick’s 24-hour PE Course

What activity did you do in the afternoon and how did this help your wellbeing?

Check out some of the fantastic outfits today!

Winners of treat goes to 3B

Congratulations to the best dressed class! Enjoy the treats from Mrs Frankish

53 responses to “Broad Heath children support Children in Need”

  1. Amirah T.

    Thank you for the amazing time that we had.

  2. Saee N.


    Happy new year everyone

  3. Rifath A.

    I had soo much fun in ‘Children In Need day’ it was sooo much fun

  4. Tipian I.

    That’s good

  5. Ramarni J.

    Well done 3 blue

  6. Lily M.

    I hade so much fun
    Congrats to 3B and well done to the other children for your creative outfits

  7. Laylah M.

    I loved well-being it was so fun.
    Well done to 3 Blue I love all of your creative for Children in need day.

  8. Arina A.

    I had so much fun.p
    Congratulations to 3b for the best dressed class and well done everyone for all you creativity in your outfits.

  9. Umar H.

    Im so happy that lots of children can now be helped

  10. Mishal N.

    Friday was absolutely fun because we done Joe Wicks I really enjoyed that.
    Congratulations 3 Blue I hope you enjoyed your treat.

  11. Raees A.

    Friday was so fun

  12. Xavier M.

    Well done 3 blue.
    Friday was so fun.

  13. Ravi J.

    I had so much fun.
    Congratulations to 3b for the best dressed class.

  14. Absi P.

    I had so much fun

  15. Boluwatife I.

    It was really fun and I am so happy we raised a lot money

  16. Mohammed K.

    I had so much fun and I liked it😆

  17. Yahya K.

    It was fun and colourful and we raised a LOT of money and mosaics live exercise was fun

  18. Yahya K.

    It was fun and colourful and we raised a LOT of money

  19. Ridwan U.

    Friday was so fun.

  20. Saira S.

    Well done 3 blue.
    I love all of your creativity for children in need day.

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