SMSC – how can we promote tolerance?

Our discussions this week will focus on the controversial topic of LBGT. We will be looking at Andrew Moffat – a man who has been in the press for both negative and positive reasons. We will seek to understand why prejudices exist and what we as British citizens can do to promote tolerance. As always, […]

Young Ambassadors – the next mission!

On Tuesday 2nd April our young ambassadors will be helping Coventry tourist board evaluate a new Coventry Young Explorers Discovery Trail. Our year 5 ambassadors will travel to the city centre in the minibus, have a briefing, complete the trail, then meet for drinks/biscuits and receive a pin badge as a thank you. Make sure […]

Are you a model Broad Heath citizen?

Children in phase assembly today heard about two exciting opportunities for current Year 5 children when they join Year 6 – see the attached flyer! Year 5 and 6 staff will be a keeping a close eye on all children to see who truly deserves these treats. A decision will be made in the summer […]

Foxford meeting for parents

Foxford staff are visiting on Wednesday 3rd April to meet with children and their teachers. There will be a 30 minute meeting for parents at 3.15 – all parents of students going on to Foxford should attend. The meeting will be held in 6 White. If you have any questions regarding this visit, please contact […]

6 Red investigate!

This week Year 6 have been learning how to find the area of a triangle and a parallelogram. We did this in a practical way which helped children visualise the shapes and understand the relationships, linking old and new learning. What did you learn? Challenge: how could use these strategies to find the area of […]

Broad Heath Coventry Young Ambassadors

Our Coventry Young Ambassadors have recently attended training for their important role and some Year 5 ambassadors helped welcome visitors to the Morning of Music. As we approach 2020 (Tokyo Olympics) and 2021 (Coventry City of Culture) they are going to be busier than ever! Ambassadors: 1 – Please complete the attached questionnaire as explained […]

Year 6 SMSC

Last week we looked at the controversial figure Tommy Robinson and discussed how human rights to the freedom of speech can be compromised in certain situations. Children spoke with great maturity about the key issues – we were very impressed with their thinking! This week we are looking at the public figure Anjem Choudary, to […]

6 Red’s Journey of Ice

6 Red have had a blast this week, learning about the two polar regions in Science Week. Lots of practical learning and investigations and a trip to the Skydome to watch a Coventry Blaze training session. What was your favourite part? Be sure to look at the many other blogs for the week!

Year 6 SMSC

We have been incredibly impressed with the maturity of many members of Year 6 in SMSC lessons where we have been discussing quite sensitive issues. Last week we talked about Shamima Begum and whether she had been treated fairly. Children have been able to confidently share their general knowledge and their views. Next week we […]

Author visit to Broad Heath

Some of our talented Year 3 and 4 writers joined a number of other schools in a writing workshop held at Broad Heath and run by the author Colin Parsons. They had a fabulous day, learning some creative writing tips which they are sure to share with their classes! Well done, children – you worked […]

Ice Age 6? 6 Red SOLE

Year 6 had a huge challenge this week to debate ”despite global warming, could there be another ice age?” Fantastic teamwork and enquiry skills have produced this informative video. What do you think?

Year 6 trip to the Skydome!

On Wednesday 13th March, Year 6 will walk to the Skydome to watch a Coventry Blaze training session at the ice rink. This trip has been organised to link with our work in Science Week on the “Journey of Ice” and we will be looking at: movement on ice, friction, team attire, ice conditions thickness, […]

SMSC in Year 6 – tolerance and mutual respect.

Over the next five weeks children across the school will be learning about British Values, how they can contribute to them and how they influence how we live. This week in Year 6 we will be learning about human rights, why they are important and how they can be violated. We will be learning about: […]

Year 6 – the next steps …

Today was an important day for Year 6! Some of you have already had notification of your allocated secondary school and some of you will find out when you get home. Many of you have been celebrating, but we know that some of you may have been disappointed with the school you have been offered. […]

Marvellous Mathematicians

Last November, 30 Year 6 children took part in a national maths competition, The Primary Maths Challenge. It was really tough, but they all did well. Pranay and Mohammed did exceptionally well and made it through to the bonus round which they have completed today! We won’t know until the end of February whether they […]

6 Red in court.

On Wednesday 16th January 6 Red had a visit from some local magistrates. They taught us about crime and consequences and then helped us recreate a courtroom drama. Well done, 6 Red. You were fantastic Broad Heath citizens! 6Red – what did you learn about keeping yourself safe? Everyone – watch the video to see […]

6 Red debate! Should Mowgli stay or go?

This week Year 6 kicked off their narrative unit based on The Jungle Book in English. They were thinking about the dilemma the animals of the jungle had in terms of whether they should keep Mowgli in their midst. Through study of the text and watching film clips we considered the differing points of view […]

Get fit with 6 Red!

This week we have been working on our fitness, skipping twice daily and preparing exercises to teach others to help them improve their levels of fitness. We challenge you to spend four minutes a day following the exercises in this video over the Christmas break and you will see a difference in your fitness levels! […]

Trip of a lifetime!

We are delighted to announce that two of our year 5 stars will be travelling to Japan in November 2019 with a group of children from four other schools in Coventry. Devanshi and Sofia will be fantastic ambassadors for us! Look out for some exciting fundraising over the next year!  What a fantastic Christmas present!