The sun shines on Lady Godiva!

Our young ambassadors spent a wonderful morning in the city centre celebrating Lady Godiva Day. They joined the Hu procession carrying their decorated umbrellas, enjoyed the entertainment and even joined in with the dancing! Which part of the morning did you enjoy the most?

Counting objects to 5 in Reception

Today in Reception we were consolidating our knowledge of counting objects to 5. Children were tasked with rolling a die, identifying the number (starting to subitise) and finding that number of objects. We then explored adding two amounts together and taking some away. Great job Reception! Parents – you could practise this at home! Call […]

Broad Heath’s Young Ambassadors’ latest mission!

On Friday 16th September our Young Ambassadors will join ambassadors from other schools to support at Lady Godiva’s Day in the city centre. They will be handing out programmes and hosting VIPs. To prepare for this event, we have been busy decorating umbrellas which will be used at the event! We’ve had some fun lunchtimes! A […]

Reception Shape Hunt!

Reception classes had a fun morning, joining in a competition to see which groups could find the most 2d shapes and describe them. Children were very creative with their investigations. In addition to the usual shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle) they managed to find hexagons, octagons, diamonds, stars and semi-circles and even a square with […]

Reception help Mr Hurt!

Reception did a fabulous job this week helping Mr Hurt sort out his tools. They had to use their fine motor skills to unscrew a nut and washer from a bolt and put it back together! They then used their maths skills to place the tools in order of size from largest to smallest! You […]

Year 4 Science – bee a saviour!

Today we have been learning about the pollination process and the importance of it and the pollinators for the environment! Sadly, bees are endangered. Can you find out why and explain why this is a disaster for the environment? What can we do to help?

Maths + PE = FUN!!

12 children from Year 3 enjoyed a fabulous sunny afternoon at Whitmore Park Primary School where they participated in fun activities combining Maths & PE. What a great way to develop skills in both areas. What fantastic ambassadors for Broad Heath too! Well done, Year 3!

Making shapes in Reception

Reception had fun this morning working with geoboards and elastic bands this to create 2d shapes and patterns. They created shapes of different sizes and orientations and were able to describe the properties using the words “side” and “angle”. Some created pictures with their shapes and one child made multiple trapeziums (Y4 learning!) This activity […]

Year 3 Maths event at Whitmore Park

The following children have been selected by their teachers to enjoy an afternoon of ”mathletics“ at Whitmore Park Primary School on Thursday 19th May. The afternoon competition will combine all of the skills the children love to exhibit in their PE lessons (running, throwing, endurance etc) whilst incorporating mathematical challenges that provide them with a […]

A “cheerio” morning in Reception!

This morning Reception practised their fine motor skills and maths skills. They counted out 10 Cheerios and one by one transferred them to a spaghetti pole, recalling the number bonds to 10 after each move. Children spoke in full sentences and some moved onto taking away. Great job Reception!

Keeping squeaky clean in Year 1!

Today, we acted out different ways of how to keep our bodies clean and healthy. Looking after our bodies is important and we discussed a variety of ways to do this. Have a look at the video and follow our tips to help you live a long and healthy life!

Flood-proof model making in 4 White

On Monday afternoon, 4 White started making their models of flood-proof houses. They worked in teams of three to decide whose plan they were going to follow (most groups chose a mix of designs!), then followed the plan and, using the cutting and joining skills they learnt in DT last half term, started to construct! […]

Florida Schools Thursday 24th March

The focus for our March 24th meeting is: is the UN International Day of Happiness. The theme this year is “Build Back Happier” thinking about the impact of the pandemic on mental health and happiness. We would like children in the club to think about ways in which they can look after their own wellbeing […]

Water fun in Reception!

Today children worked on developing their fine motor skills. They were challenged with drawing out water from a container using a syringe and transferring the water to a different container. This required hand – eye coordination also. They then poured the water into a measuring jug and measured how much they had collected! Great work, […]

Elephant Teacup drama in 4 Red!

This morning in Guided Reading, we used drama to infer the thoughts and feelings of characters at a certain point in the story “Elephant Teacup”. What strategies did you use to find out the thoughts and feelings of the characters? How did you portray these in your drama?

Year 5 Aspire Maths Challenge!

A group of children in Year 5 had a fabulous Thursday afternoon combining their maths knowledge and skills and excellent teamwork to take part in a maths challenge with seven other schools in the Aspire network. Their challenge was to answer questions to climb increasingly difficult ladders to gain access to some tricky tasks and […]

Developing fine motor skills in Reception

This morning in Reception, children have worked hard to develop the strength in their hands and their ability to manipulate small objects. They used multi-link cubes to create patterns from a given model. This activity also developed maths skills looking at patterns and counting cubes. At home please continue to develop children’s fine motor skills. […]

Florida Schools 10th March

The focus for this week is International Women’s Day (which is on Tuesday 8th March). The theme this year is “break the bias” and we would like children in the club to think about a woman / women who have inspired them and who have achieved despite bias! Here is a link to the website […]

World Book Day staff book swap!

Adults in school embraced the opportunity to broaden their reading horizons by bringing in a wrapped book to school and exchanging for another! The secrecy of the wrapping meant that they received a book which they possibly would never have chosen themselves! Here are some of the ”book reveals” which some adults did in front […]

1 Red World Book Day fun!

What a fabulous day! In 1 Red, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. During the day, we focused on the book, The Tiger Who Came for Tea. We created Tiger artwork, made food for our tea party and acted out some scenes from the book. Take a look […]

Young Ambassadors are trained and ready to go!

What a fabulous afternoon these Year 4 children had at the Coventry Young Ambassador training at Woodlands Sports Centre. They worked with children from other schools to learn about the young ambassador role, the values and skills which are important, and they also had an opportunity to practise their new skills! I was incredibly proud […]

Half term trivia!

Today’s date – 22-02-2022 – is both a pallindrome (reads the same forwards and backwards) and an ambigram (reads the same upside down – try it!) Words can also be pallindromes, e.g. racecar (it is the same forwards and backwards!) What other pallindromes – numbers or words – can you find?

Reception Rock Number!

We had a lovely time outside in Reception this morning completing lots of maths challenges: ordering Numicon from smallest to largest (and looking at the visual difference between odd and even numbers!); using chalk to write numbers 1-10 (3 seems to be a tricky one – please practise at home!); putting number tiles together to […]

Florida Schools – 1 place available!

Our Florida Schools ambassadors have had a great couple of weeks meeting remotely with children at Wilkinson Junior High School in Florida. What a fantastic opportunity to develop their intercultural understanding and their communication skills. We have one space on the programme, so if you are in Year 6 and interested in joining, please see […]

Skint2Mint ambassadors at the CBS Arena

A group of Year 6 children attended the launch of Skint2Mint at the CBS Arena yesterday afternoon. The event was attended by the mayor, the BBC, the CEO of Coventry Building Society and many more celebrities. The children had specific roles to perform: serving refreshments, meeting and greeting guests, make podcasts, modelling the Skint2Mint game […]

Investigating the number 7 in Reception

Today children in Reception practised their counting and number skills looking at the number 7. They played a game using 7 double sided counters, sharing the counters between them, looking at bonds and using the vocabulary more and less to compare their amount with their partner. You could play this game at home using coins […]

Year 4 MTC meeting for parents – IMPORTANT!

The government states that all children in England are expected to know all their times tables up to 12×12. This is the first year that children in Year 4 will take an official test to check whether they can recall their multiplication tables fluently (this means accurately and quickly). Children will be taking the test […]