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Carol Singing Solo Contest!!

Dear Year 6,

This year we will be performing carol songs in Coventry as part of our citizenship work to raise money for charity.

Within this, it would be good to perform a solo part within the song of ‘Silent Night’. This will include microphones and two children performing the song without backing singers for a part of it. It really is a chance to shine and show those vocal skills off!

Below I will post a video of the song. If you want to have a chance to perform, you need to learn the lyrics to the first verse for an audition which will be on Friday 20th October at lunch time in 6 White.

3 responses to “Carol Singing Solo Contest!!”

  1. Diana D.

    Yes I practiced a lot l will be there tomorrow but I also have a question about it will the kids doing the solo also sing with everybody else the 12 nights of Christmas?

  2. Zahraa Y.

    I have learnt the song and I will be singing to you tommorow afternoon for the main lead

  3. Tana I.

    Thank you very much for the information and I would love to join.
    I have a question what is the day that we would perform in town/city centre ?

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