It’s Audition Time!!

Hey Year 6! Would you like to play a starring role in the end of year play? Well now’s your chance. You will need to complete an audition on Monday 16th May. Within the audition you will be requested to say some lines of the play and sing a section of a song. These are […]

Special Spelling Support!

Hi year 6, beneath is a link the BBC bitesize spelling webpage which has some cool information and activities to develop your spelling. Have a flick through and if there’s any areas that you feel you need to revise then please do. Beneath the link are some PDFs that have information and practise for you. […]

Mayan Society

Today we explored how to Mayan people lived. I made a video showing some of our learning although I ran out of time and missed some of it out. Please comment on your own research and findings from today’s lesson so I can start using it to create the portfolio.

Year 6 Are Superb Citizens!

During the ‘stormy’ lunch times Year 6 have been going about the school and supporting in other classes. I decided to go for a wander and see how helpful the year 6s were being and was WOWed by the experience. I saw many examples of engaged and supportive children. Here’s a few pictures! Please comment […]

Tsunami Aid Packages

Today we explored the effects of tsunamis on communities and livelihoods. Imagine that you work for a charity that is creating aid parcels to send to people who have been effected in a tsunami. You can only send 5 items per household. Which 5 things would you choose to send – you will need to […]

Information Text Introduction

Upload Point Today you had the challenge to learn our introduction for the Anglo Saxon information text. You now have your chance to show your skills! I have created an upload point so you can video yourselves performing the talk for writing introduction!! Use the picture below of the board, video your performance and upload […]

4 Red Tamworth Castle Visit

Hope you enjoy the video! When did the Anglo-Saxon era begin? When did the Anglo-Saxon era end? Which other nation or civilisation made things difficult for the Anglo Saxons with their raids and in later years, their invasions around York (EoforwΔ«c)? What is the name of the region of England that we would have lived […]

States of Matter

Today we explored how different materials can change state of matter and then started to categorise them. Within the class discussion we had a number of questions that we didn’t know the answer to – so here are some of the questions. Some of the answers may have more than on part to them. Is […]

Single Point Perspective Names

Dear Year 4. 4 Red today requested some resources on the blog to have a go at single point perspective at home. This video looks pretty good so please have a go and then bring in your pictures for us to see what you have done! Maybe we could display some of them in the […]

Today’s Science Question!

Today in science we were discussing consumers and producers. We had a conversation about venus fly traps. What are they consumers, producers or both? Plants are generally producers because they use photosynthesis to create energy… But what if the plant is able to trap/kill flies? Does it therefore become a consumer? Your Task: Write on […]

**Maths Home Learning Year 4 6/7/21**

UPLOAD HERE! All of today’s learning is on the video today. You need to have your pencils and books with you and answer the questions that are in the video with Mr Inman. Please find below the link to the teaching clock required for Gold. Teaching Clock (

4 Red Zoom call links this week!

The password for all meetings is the name of the classroom that Ms Zaib and Mr Inman work in (3 letters). 9:15 Registration: 10:00 Mr Inman’s Maths Group 11:00 Mrs Street’s English Group The children who will attend Mr Inman AND Mrs Street’s group: 4 White 4 Red 4 Blue Khairy […]