Important Blog Information

Watch the video below then comment to say that you have read and seen the information. You must complete the blogs in a particular order: Complete the work from the blog. Take a picture of the work and upload it to the Upload File point. Make sure you use the upload point for the correct […]


Click to open the video! Hey rockers! Hope you like my amazing ‘Rock Star’ performance there!! I’m also trying to find a way to impose pictures of you into a virtual rock band to celebrate your successes! Surely it can be done. Please comment on the blog so we can complement you for playing!!

Rhyming Words to Adjectives

On Thursday’s lesson, we rhymed words to adjectives. You did brilliantly! On this blog, your task is to write the animal that you will use as a metaphor for the sea and then and adjective that links with both that animal and the sea. The you will write a list of any rhyming words that […]

Week 3 Homework Upload Point

Please could you also upload any reading journal challenges to this point. If you can rename the file with what it is, then this is useful however, if you find that difficult then please just upload the file as it it. Click Here To Upload Files Thank you and have a lovely weekend, Mr Inman […]

Anglo-Saxon Politics Video

Please enjoy the video. Mistakes: I made a couple of mistakes! Immigration means people moving into a country. Emigration means people moving out of a country. Migration means people moving from one place to another (or country). Jorvic is pronounced ‘Yorvic’. Please write down anything that you learned from this video on the blog!

Celebrating Our Topic Work!

Please just relax and enjoy the video! There are some questions for you on the previous blog about the volcanoes but for this one, please just comment if you enjoyed it and how you feel about the work (positive comments only please).

Safi Mountain!

Please enjoy the fantastic creation that Safiyah made for her homework. Please write a comment beneath answering the following questions. Which volcanoes are in Mexico? How is a volcano formed? What is a tectonic plate?

Descriptive Sentences

Below you can find 3 interesting pictures from a beautiful board game called Dixit. Your task is to write 3 sections of writing, one on each picture. You must include: *expanded noun phrases *interesting verbs *conjunctions *adverbs Here is an example for the first picture. Boldly, Alina stepped up to the enormous, metal doors. She […]

Zoom Call on Thursday at 1pm.

Hello all. I am setting up a Zoom call to say hi and talk about your learning with you this Thursday and 1pm. Please can you try to make it? The Unique ID is 494 306 6513 I will call you all tomorrow afternoon and give you the password for the call. You will need […]