Children are expected to wear appropriate clothing for Physical Education (PE) and arrive in school ready for their lesson. This includes a school t-shirt, school jumper or fleece. The children must also wear suitable ‘bottoms’ for being active e.g. sports leggings, joggers or shorts. Parents should decide on their child’s clothing based on the time of year and conditions on the day. This can include gloves and hats in cold weather or hats and sun cream in the summer months. All children need to wear trainers that are the appropriate size. Boots or school shoes are not acceptable for PE. No school uniform to be worn on P.E or swimming days.

When swimming, children should be able to remove their own stud earrings and be able to put them back in again as earrings cannot be retrieved from the pool and may cause harm to the pupil/s and school facility. If the studs cannot be removed by the pupil, they should not be worn on swimming days. Swimming caps work better if you can put you hair up, a ponytail can help. Wearing a cap is especially important during the cold weather. Children with long hair must have it tied back to take part safely.

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