Today we will be continue to learn about and celebrate King Charles III. Charles was born in 1948. He was born at Buckingham Palace.

Charles became Prince of Wales in 1958. His investiture didn’t take place until 1969.

Charles founded The Princes Trust in 1976. A trust dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK.

29 responses to “Celebrating King Charles III-Friday 5th May 2023”

  1. Huzaifah J.

    i loved the kings coronation because we ate cakes and have so much fun together

  2. Ibraheem T.

    I loved it hopefully we can do again in future and when we turn year 6 and finish SATs we will get a party like year 6

  3. Mohamed E.

    I had so much fun I want to go again
    The cakes were delicous after that I went park with my family

  4. Rayan M.

    I had so much fun on the bouncy castle.

  5. Mohamed S.


  6. Sara H.

    i had so much fun on friday. thank you

  7. Mohammed W.

    It was so fun

  8. Azmat A.


  9. Azmat A.

    King Charles the 3rd

  10. Naksh P.

    Hi I had so much fun

  11. Surinder J.

    1. Shaun
    2. Mrs Rullay
    3.Mrs Morris
    4.Mrs Raja Khan
    5. Mrs Jahangir
    6. Mrs Langley
    7. Mrs Street
    8. Mr Inman

  12. Mrs Walker

    1; Shaun
    2: Miss Rullay
    3:Mrs Bagum
    4: Mrs Patel
    5: Miss Janjua
    6:Mrs Langley
    7:Mr Inman
    8; Mr Kane

  13. Sulaimon L.

    B)Mrs Rullay.
    C)Mrs Janjua.
    D)Mrs Raja-Khan.
    E)Mrs Morris.
    F)Mrs Frankish.
    G)Mrs Street.
    H)Mr Carter.

  14. Hudayfa A.

    B. Mrs rullay
    C.mrs kiani

  15. Ahmed K.

    1 mr Shaun
    2 mrs rulliy
    3 mrs raja kahn

  16. Welat M.

    Miss rulay
    Mrs janjua
    Mrs Walker
    Mrs langly
    Mr Inman

  17. Mr Rawlings

    1 Red think these are our mystery Charles.

    A) Mr Mahmood
    B) Mrs Khan
    C) Mrs Raja-Khan
    D) Mrs Patel
    E) Mrs Janjua
    F) Mrs Donnelly
    G) Mrs Frankish
    H) Shaun

  18. Nabiha I.

    My mom will come.

  19. Zahra N.

    1. Shaun
    2.Mrs Rullay
    3.Mrs janghir
    4. Mr Patel
    5. Mrs Morris
    6. Mrs Penavaga
    7. Mrs Street
    8. Mr Inman

  20. Aryan M.

    That information was very good and I think A is Mrs Kiani.

  21. Osas O.

    A. Shaun
    B. Mrs Rullay
    C. Mrs Kiani
    D. Mrs Khan
    E. Mrs Raja khan
    F. Mrs Frankish
    G. Mrs Patel
    H. Mr Inman

  22. Hanfaa N.

    1. Shaun
    2. Mrs Rullay
    3. Mrs Jahangir (pastoral)
    4. Mrs Janjua
    5. Mrs Morris
    6. Mrs Penavega
    7. Mrs Street
    8. Mr Inman

  23. Leon Thomas-Millward

    B=Mrs Raja Khan
    C=Mrs Rullay
    D=Mrs Khan
    E=Mrs Masters
    F=Mrs Frankish
    H=Mr Inman

  24. Adam J.

    I think it is Shaun who was behind the mask of king charles

  25. Ayaan M.

    1) Shaun
    2) Mrs Rulay
    3)Mrs Latham
    4)Mrs Khalik
    5)Mr Inman

  26. Tana I.

    Ok really good I’ll try later because I have to get ready for school

  27. Inaaya S.

    A Shaun
    B Mrs Rulay
    C mrs janjua
    D Mrs Patel
    E mrs morris
    Mrs pavenga
    Mrs street
    H mr Inman

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