Celebrating Miss Ramsell’s Birthday

Today, 6 Red celebrated Miss Ramsell’s birthday and remembered our time with her.

7 responses to “Celebrating Miss Ramsell’s Birthday”

  1. Hanfaa N.

    It was so fun

  2. Caleb A.

    Happy birthday mrs Ramsell I hope your enjoying it up there.😇😞🍰🍰🍰🍰🍸🎂

    My eyes though.

  3. Lexi M.

    Happy birthday miss Ramsell we all miss you.

  4. Mohamed E.

    The cake filled my tummy happy birthday I hope your doing the best day of your life at heaven we all miss you Remsell..

  5. Tana I.

    Thank you for the cake it was scrumptious.

  6. Abdulahi D.

    i know right espcially the choclate one

  7. Nuha I.

    Thank you for bringing in the cake. It was delicious!

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