Children’s Boot Fund

Parents or guardians who find themselves in need of help, may apply to school for an application form for assistance from the Children’s Boot Fund. There are four allocations yearly. Successful candidates are issues with a voucher and instructions and in exchange for the voucher will receive good quality properly fitted shoes suitable for school. Although footwear must be suitable for school, the choice is the recipients, so that the child will be happy with their new shoes.

How to apply

To apply, please collect a application form from the school Office or Pastoral Team; please return completed form to school. The completed form will then be signed by the Headteacher, and then sent to the Charity secretary who will place it before the committee for consideration. There are four allocations yearly.

Who qualifies?

The basic qualification are that the needy child who requires new school shoes is of school age, and a regular attendee. We try to help as many families as possible therefore normally only one child per family is granted a voucher within a twelve-month period. Twins are usually each given shoes.

Please submit forms by 21st of September

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