Year 4 – Language Detectives

As language detectives, this week,  we have used what we know to work things out and find out more about languages.

Your task for the rest of the week is to continue being language detectives and look out for different languages you hear (friends, restaurants, adverts) or see (packaging).

Keep a note of your findings and record on this class blog.

I will share your responses with the class on Monday next week.

37 thoughts on “Year 4 – Language Detectives

  1. At home I speak Urdu to do my dad and to my mum or my sister i speak English. I like speaking Urdu because it is is a good language. I know how to say hello and good bye and how are you

  2. I speak Pashto and it is a language from Afghanistan.
    Hirasi-Thank you
    Ho- Okay.
    I also heard Urdu.
    Tooteeka- How are you.
    Shukrian- Thank you.
    Larka larki – Boy and girl.
    The last one is Dari.
    Chotor Hasti-how how are you.
    Hubastum- I’m fine.
    Tasha kur- thank you.

  3. I speak Tamil and these are some of the basic words.
    Thank you:Nandri
    Good morning:Kaalai Vanakkam

  4. I speak Edo here are some examples.
    Wese = thank you
    Egbo(silent g ) = bag
    pibe = stand up
    Wemewe = I love you
    Co = your welcome.
    Lagisa = good morning or hello
    Ebiuwe = don’t touch or you’ll get in trouble
    Oto = hot
    Efu = enough

  5. My mum said get up in Somali
    My dad said hello in Somali or Arabic.
    I practised my Spanish and one word said El pasporte which means My passport

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