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Chocolate? In class? Yes please…

In year 6 we will be working hard to research the benefits of chocolate. “Why?” I hear you ask; well, we are on a mission to persuade Mrs Frankish to allow us to snack on some healthy chocolate treats whilst we revise. For this reason, we decided it was best to ask some of Broad Heath’s fabulous teacher’s their opinions. Which teacher do you agree with the most? Why?

Linking closely to our Maya topic, we have discovered the many health benefits of cocoa – could you list me three please?

Debate: Should Year 6 children be allowed to eat chocolate snacks during revision periods?

48 responses to “Chocolate? In class? Yes please…”

  1. Emma-Nicolle S.

    I don’t agree with the cites we sad have chocolate for sats Emma a Abraham

  2. Leon Thomas-Millward

    Year 6 should be allowed chocolate to eat between the SATs tests.It is certain it makes the children in year 6 happy.Furthermore,it can increase memory.In fact, it is fair if children can have treats if teachers can.Similarly,most teachers would like year 6 to have chocolate in the tests.For this reason,I would like to have chocolate in school.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok bring some chocolate in and see how it impacts your work this week.

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