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Chocolate? In class? Yes please…

In year 6 we will be working hard to research the benefits of chocolate. “Why?” I hear you ask; well, we are on a mission to persuade Mrs Frankish to allow us to snack on some healthy chocolate treats whilst we revise. For this reason, we decided it was best to ask some of Broad Heath’s fabulous teacher’s their opinions. Which teacher do you agree with the most? Why?

Linking closely to our Maya topic, we have discovered the many health benefits of cocoa – could you list me three please?

Debate: Should Year 6 children be allowed to eat chocolate snacks during revision periods?

48 responses to “Chocolate? In class? Yes please…”

  1. Muhammad B.

    I think we should be allowed to have chocolate because chocolate makes us happy and chocolate gives short burst of energy which are perfect for tests. This also makes our health improve by making our blood less thicker.
    Muhammad and Kaif.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok bring some in this week.

  2. Amelia H.

    I think we should have chocolate during SATs week because it is said that it can improve your memory and can give us energy during SATs week

    MuhammedR and Amelia

    1. Head Teacher

      Let’s try and bring some in this week and see if it helps.

  3. Sara M.

    I think chocolate should be permitted as it make us happy. Although it might lead to bad teeth, I am certain it won’t be affected in a small period of time.Chocolate give us a short busts and a lot of energy which is perfect for the test.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok bring some in and be happy.

  4. Asim A.

    Yaw and Asim – In my opinion, chocolate can be used as an energy boost for children in SATS. Children should also receive chocolate as a reward for trying hard in their tests. Chocolate also makes people happy, meaning it will give them a good mindset in SATS. As well as this, if adults can have treats, why can’t children? A lot of teachers drink caffeine which is worse than chocolate!

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok bring some in for that energy boost this week and share!

  5. Shahzad S.

    I agree with Mrs Masters because she has two points and both are valid.One valid point is that, it should be allowed in class because as we are doing our SATS we can use it as a reward.Another reason is that it can get stains on our SATS paper which is a bad thing.It’s proven that chocolate improves our memory

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok so do you support or not?

  6. Israa F.

    Yes, we should have chocolate in class because chocolate can give us short bursts of energy which is perfect for our tests. Chocolate can make us happy and it is also proven that it can increase our memory so we remember the stuff that we have learnt in the previous years.

    Partner work:
    Israa and Surinder.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok have that short burst of energy and bring some in.

  7. Rahat A.

    We believe that chocolate is a good thing, as this can boost mental thinking and energy, something that a SATS student will need.

    1. Rahat A.

      By Rahat and Khairy

    2. Head Teacher

      Ok…I give in.

  8. Samik S.

    Which teacher do you agree with the most? Why?
    Mrs Masters as we should get as a reward because we don’t deserve something we haven’t earn’t
    Linking closely to our Maya topic, we have discovered the many health benefits of cocoa – could you list me three please?
    Eating chocolate gives us energy, increases memory and makes us happy
    Should Year 6 children be allowed to eat chocolate snacks during revision period?
    No because it would be a mess and would lead to addiction which would hurt our teeth (cavities) and our body.

    1. Samik S.

      By Samik and Esa

  9. Afreen S.

    I do think that year 6 should be allowed to have some chocolate as it increases memory attainment and it has a huge impact on our cardiovascular system. It will also give small amounts of energy during the test which we will need as it takes time to finish.
    Afreen and Safa

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok let’s see if it does, trial this week.

  10. Manvi R.

    We think that chocolate should be consumed during revision periods as it increases your memory and gives you short bursts of energy, which are perfect for tests.

    – Manvi, Fariha

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok let’s see if it works…

  11. Khairy S.

    I think it should be allowed beacause it makes everyone happy good for SATs and taste good and makes a smile on their face

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok be happy, bring some in.

  12. Nihit N.

    Yes because, we need a small amount of caffeine to be active, but not too much. It should be dark chocolate as eating just the right sized portion can prevent heart diseases by making our platelets less sticky. Since dark chocolate is quite bitter, they can also give an optional cup of milk to weaken the strong taste.

  13. Gufran E.

    I agree with Mrs Hurt and Mr Rawlings.I believe this because chocolate is a great way to incorporate caffeine into your diet .However ,if you do not do your daily activity a day( as Mr Rawlings says) that can create a negative impact to your body and perhaps your heart rate. According to recent studies ,chocolate can increase your concentration .I think children should be allowed this during SATs as focus is crucial .
    -It may reduce your chances of experiencing strokes as well as heart attacks.
    -It can reduce inflammation
    -It causes better blood flow

  14. Naimol A.

    I agree because when we finished our sats aloud

  15. Safiyah P.

    I agree with Mrs Donelly because porridge does give slow-releasing energy , which will give us energy through out the morning.Unlike chocolate as it would give as a boost that would last a few minutes.

  16. Muhammad S.

    I agree that we should not have chocolate because Mrs Donnelly said when we eat chocolate we would become hyper but if we had a fruit it will give us energy and it helps the brain think but if you have dark chocolate people say it good for the brain but it actually contain a desiese in it wihich gives you moodswing and it might give a headache

  17. Hasti M.

    I disagree that we should be allowed chocolate in class because Eating large amounts of chocolate can have side effects such as diabetes and coronary heart disease chocolate can also cause food poisoning because it contains theobromine,this is a bitter alkaloid found in cocoa plants .If you eat too much it can cause poisoning.

  18. Yogitha K.

    I agree with Mr Rollings because yes we can eat chocolate but you have to all so be active.

  19. Zainab A.

    . Which teacher do you agree with the most? Why?
    For this reason I agree with Mrs Hurt. “She says chocolate helps with revision and SATS “.
    Inaaya is certain that she agrees with miss Sofeda. She suggests that “Chocolate make us very happy.

    Inaaya and Zainab 6W

  20. Tahiyan C.

    Tahiyan – I agree that chocolate must be given out as treat for the hardwork.
    Sumayyah – I agree with that chocolate should be given during SATs because it releases endorphins and makes us concerntrate.
    Zahra – I disagree because it’s not healthy and can cause a distraction.

  21. Aisha R.

    Chocolate should not be eaten in class as it contains lots of caffeine which can cause skin allergies,migraines,nausea,increased urination and constipation. Although dark chocolate is healthy, it contains an amount of caffeine which can stop children’s growth and cause many side affects. The teacher I agree with most Mr Rawling as you can have a moderate amount of chocolate along with being active and having a balanced diet.

    By Lillie and Aisha.

  22. Joel G.

    I agree with allowing chocolate in revision because dark chocolate help the blood flow and it’s good for the brain. I agree with Mrs Hurt because she said that it has been proven that it helps you concentrate and it can boost your energy.

    Faizan and Joel

  23. Muhammed A.

    I believe chocolate should be allowed in school because
    Chocolate and cocoa products are loaded with flavonoid compound ( extracts from plants ).
    It gives a sizeable boost to concentration which helps in a test.
    Also chocolate could improve 25% of memory retainment.

    Umar & Brooke

  24. Azaan H.

    I believe with Mr Rawlings because if you eat chocolate and don’t exercise you won’t burn off any calories whereas if you work it off you will still stay fit.In addition some type of chocolate is good for your health.

  25. Aleena

    I agree with Mrs Hurt because dark chocolate can help you concentrate and as long as you don’t get distracted it could help you with learning.

  26. Jasmine M.

    I agree with Mrs Donnelly because chocolate can cause serious problems such as, coronary artery disease and diabetes. Chocolate is not heathy all the time too but if it were for a treat, it will be okay.

  27. Amanah S.

    We agree with Mrs Donnelly because chocolate can be bad for you and can cause serious problems like: chronic disease, coronary artery disease or diabetics.

    – Amanah and Luxor

  28. Safa M.

    In this situation, I agree with graham because he explained you can eat chocolate however you can only eat it in a sensible way. I think chocolate should be allowed because chocolate is rich in flavanols protecting your cells from inflammation (a body’s defence to injury) . Chocolate is allowed daily however you must not consume over 30-60 grams a day.

    Safa and Aayan

  29. Zakariya K.

    The king drank 50 cups of hot chocolate a day and it benefited his health.
    It is proven that it can give a boost.
    It can help with our concentration levels.

  30. Prisha T.

    I agree that chocolate should be eaten as the antioxidants in dark chocolate can lower the risk of clotting and increase the blood circulation to the heart. This lowers the risk of stroke coronary heart disease.

    1. Prisha T.

      By Prisha and Maryam.

    2. Abdul Y.

      Chocolate should be allowed in school for our sats

      1. Head Teacher


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