Cinderella Week in Nursery


Communication and Language – We talked about Cinderella, sharing what happens in the story. We played a listening game where we had to find what was missing from the tray! Please see our video.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development- we talked about how we can be a kind friend to Cinderella and how we can help make her feel better. We discussed as a group and made a spider diagram. See Miss Tifts blog!


Literacy – we had a go at writing sounds we have learnt so far. Please see photo below.

Understanding the World – to talk about what we can see using a wide range of vocabulary. Today we went on a hunt to find Cinderella! Cinderella lost her slipper and it was in our nursery! We went to different classes to check who we think it might belong to. Please see our video.



To recognise the number 1! To find one object in the classroom and show us! We went on a countdown hunt finding 1 item! We painted the number 1. Please see our pictures.


To join different materials, exploring textures. We created the numberblock 1!


Physical Development

Fine motor control activities, we practiced holding the pencil correctly. To practice moving safely, sensibly on foot.


Stay and Play, we completed a range of phonics activities, writing our new sound s. We read a story together and sang songs!

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