This week in nursery!

Monday C&L- To talk about what happens in the story? what are spikes? What do they look like? What animals have spikes? Please see Miss Tifts blog! PSED- To develop friendships with other children. To talk about how we can be a kind and helpful friend. Children drew pictures and gave it to their friend. […]

Nursery’s super space week!

Monday Today we shared the story of ‘Star in the Jar’, we discussed what space looks like and listened to each other’s. C&L- To be able to talk about books and tell a story. Please see our video from Miss Tift. PSED- To play with one or more children. Please see blog uploaded from Miss […]

Nursery had a super week!

Personal Social, Emotional Development and Communication and Language We talked about where an owl lives, what an owl looks like. Please see our video. We also drew pictures of what makes us say wow! Literacy Our story this week was Wow! Said the owl. We drew a picture of what makes us say wow and […]

Nursery had an excellent week of learning!

Communication, Language and Personal, Social, Emotional Development To talk about how we are feeling today using the words, happy, sad, excited, worried. To make fire work paintings. Literacy To show interest in books in the environment! To share the story of “Funny Bones”. Talk about the characters and the story plot. Maths To show finger […]

Maths week in Nursery!

This week, as part of project week we took part in a range of physical, practical, skilful and mystery activities. We counted items up to 5 in order, we showed ‘finger numbers’ up to 5 and we subitised numbers objects of up to 3. Please see our learning. The number 1! We went on a […]

Project Week in Nursery!

This week nursery have been learning Morris dancing as part of art week. We have been learning some basic Morris steps and actions. Please take a look at our Morris dancing! We made bracelets for our Morris dance. We talked about England. We painted a portrait of King Charles inspired by Andy Warhol. We talked […]

A fab week in nursery!

Please see this weeks super learning! What did you enjoy the most and why? Monday! Today we used wooden blocks, bricks and Lego to build a house for the three little pigs. Tuesday Name writing! Wednesday We made a house of straw, sticks and bricks. Thursday PE Day! Friday Well done to Aizah our citizen […]

A wonderful week in nursery!

Please see this weeks learning! What did you enjoy the most and why? Monday! Tuesday! Wednesday! We talked about big and small, comparing the size of different bears! Thursday! Fun PE! Friday! Today we went on a bear hunt. Please see our video to find out if we found the bear!

A fab week in nursery!

Well done nursery, you are really trying so hard. You are starting to settle really well. Please have a look at this weeks learning! What did you enjoy the most and why? Please leave us a comment! ⭐️😊 Happy Birthday Inaaya, Peace and Precious! Hope you both have a super day! 🌟🌟

Nursery have had another super week!

Nursery have had another excellent week, we are starting to settle well and we are making good progress. We are starting to make new friends and get to know our peers. We love to sing songs and dance. This week we shared the story of ‘The Colour Monster’, we talked about how we are feeling […]

Nursery British Values

Today we looked at Respect as part of British Values. We talked about having kind hands, kind feet and using kind words. We talked about how we should be respectful to each other, with our toys, and at school and home. We focused on tidying up, saying please and thank you during snack time and […]

Our second week in nursery! ⭐️🌟

Nursery have started to settle in so well, they are working hard. This week we learnt all about kindness. We shared the story Kindness. We looked at ways that we can have kind hands, kind feet and use kind words in nursery. We shared, took turns with our friends. We loved joining in with nursery […]

Nursery PE 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Good Morning Nursery! Nursery will have PE every Thursday. On this day your child will need to wear their Broad Heath blue PE T-Shirt, black or blue joggers/shorts or leggings and trainers or pumps. They can also wear their Broad heath sweatshirt or Cardigan to keep them warm. If you have any questions please speak […]

Our First Week in Nursery!

Wow! What a fantastic first week in nursery! It has been lovely to get to know you all. Nursery are making so much progress. We are starting to settle in so well and get used to our nursery environment . We have really enjoyed playing with play dough, dancing, playing on the outdoor slide and […]

Citizen Week at nursery!

Monday Today we talked about how we can be a kind citizen. We talked about who we like playing with and why. Tuesday Today we made our own thank you cards and gave them to someone we are thankful for. Wednesday Today we made a 3D art wreath of all our handprints to symbolise together […]

Nursery Trip To Foleshill!

Friday 22nd July AM children to arrive in school normal time 8.30am as we will be going on a trip at 10AM and will be returning at 11am. All children need to be in their correct footwear and school uniform such as Pe kit. Please bring caps and please make sure sunscreen has been applied […]

Who sank the boat? 🛶🧐

Nursery have had another wonderful week! We shared the story ’Who sank the boat’, the children discussed their views about who they think was responsible for sinking the boat and why. Please see the video for this weeks learning. We also completed a float or sink experiment, we made predictions about whether the objects will […]

Transport on the road! 🚗🚙🚕🚔

Hello! Nursery have been learning about transport on the road as part of our learning on transport this term. This week we shared the story Cool Cars, we looked at the parts of a car such as the wheels, windscreen, doors, engine. We labelled the parts of the car by writing the initial sound. We […]

The Train Ride 🚝🚆🚃

Hello! This term we are focusing on transport! This week we looked at transport on the rails such as trains. Please see the video which shows our learning for this week. Sponge painting trains… Fantastic Maths! Well done Nursery! Have a lovely weekend☺️🌟

The Train Ride 🚂 🚊

Hello Nursery! This week in nursery, we have been focusing on trains as part of our topic this term on transport. The children have had a fab week full of learning and activities. We talked about trains and shared our train journey experiences. We have been working so hard with our writing please see the […]

Art Day at nursery- 🐟🐠🐡

Today was art day! We learnt about how to look after our planet. We talked about tidying up and picking up litter. We talked about what animals live in the water. We made our own 3D fish using a range of recycled material and tissue paper. We made fish patterns and shapes using pencils and […]