Super week at nursery!

This week we shared the story, β€˜We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, the children really enjoyed this story! We copied the actions and danced to the song together singing the words. Please see attached this weeks learning! Please leave us a comment saying what you enjoyed the most this week!

A fantastic week of learning in nursery!

This week we shared the story ”Eat your Greens Goldilocks”, the children have been talking about their favourite fruit and vegetables , we coloured in our favourite and wrote the initial sound. We also made our healthy eating plates, we stuck on the different healthy foods which we like to have. We practiced name writing […]

Another super week in nursery!

This week, we shared the story of the colour monster. The children really enjoyed listening to the story. We made our our colour monsters too, adding on the features to the face. We drew pictures of things that make us feel happy and added them into our feeling jars. Please see the video and pictures […]

Super week in nursery!

Nursery have had a super week! This week we have been basing our learning around the story β€˜Olivia and the missing toy..’ We talked about and drew pictures of our favourite toy and why. We even had a go at writing the initial sound. We have been painting numbers to 10 and playing with our […]

European Day in Nursery!

Today we had lots of fun celebrating European day! We coloured and made our own flags, we talked about fruit that is grown in uk. We tasted different juices and looked at which one which our favourite and why! Please see the pictures and video below!

Nursery Reminder- Reception application link

Hello Nursery parents, please could you apply for the Reception application using the link below. If you wish to make Broad Heath your first choice you will need to apply as soon as possible by clicking on the link. Please remember to leave a comment on the parents blog to confirm once you have […]

European Day Friday!

Hello Nursery! Friday 24th September is European day! As part of our learning we will be decorating flags and tasting different juices (mango, tropical and fresh orange). We will be talking about different fruits which are grown in England such as apples and pears!

🌟My favourite toy! 🌟

Today in nursery, we shared the story ’Olivia and the missing toy’. We talked about what happened in the story. We shared with each other what our favourite toy is and what it looks like. Please watch the video and tell us what you liked Please remember to leave a comment below Well done Nursery!

What we love to do at nursery!

This term we are learning all about ourselves. Our story this week is lulu loves nursery. We talked about what we love to do at nursery and the children drew a picture of what they like doing at school. We also made self portraits of ourselves using pastel crayons. We used mirrors to look at […]

Little hands

Today in nursery we made our own handprints using different colour paint. We continued to explore the environment and get used to the areas. We are settling in really well! We talked about our age, what our interests are, what we like to do at nursery and what our favourite colours are. Please see the […]

Day 2 at nursery!

Nursery have really enjoyed their second day at school! They liked exploring the different areas of the classroom and playground. We sung songs to get to know each of our names and listened to each other. We are starting to become more familiar with routines and rules. Please see the work we completed today in […]

Nursery Notices

Please could we ask that all parents/carers wear a mask when on school site during pick up and drop off of their child. Also, during home time, please could you kindly wait behind the nursery gate/fence when coming to collect your child and we will release one at a time. Thank you! 😊 Nursery

Nursery PE βš½οΈπŸ…πŸ“

Today nursery went to the big all weather pitch to do PE, please take a look at our day! They really enjoyed going there. We practiced listening games, following instruction games and also turn taking using the ball. We had a go at dribbling, kicking, rolling and catching/throwing the ball. Please leave a comment to […]

β€œWho sank the boat?”

Today we shared the story β€œWho sank the boat?”, we talked about who we think sank the boat and why. We talked about materials we need to make a boat and which would be best. We used musical instruments and sang in small groups, we sang row row row your boat. Please see the videos […]

Zoom Rocket Zoom πŸš€

Hello! Nursery have had a lovely week! We have been focusing on rockets this week! We looked at what rockets look like, where they go and who goes in rockets. We looked at what things we might find in space and what we would take with us if we went in a rocket. Please take […]

The Train Ride πŸš‚ 🚊

Hello Nursery! This week in nursery, we have been focusing on trains as part of our topic this term on transport. The children have had a fab week full of learning and activities. We talked about trains and shared our train journey experiences. We have been working so hard with our writing please see the […]

Nursery Home Learning- 18.6.21

Hope you are keeping well and safe! Please watch Miss Marwaha’s video below. Let’s have some fun completing our morning exercise! Basic Skills In basic skills, your task is to have a go at writing numbers. Please practice number formation. You can use chalk, water paints or crayons! Please take a picture and send it […]

Nursery Home Learning 17.6.21

Good Morning Nursery! Let’s start with a wake up, shake up! Basic Skills For basic skills today please can you practice writing your name. Please take a picture and upload onto the link at the bottom of this page. Phonics Today in phonics, I would like you to read the following sounds together: Our new […]

Project week- Peter Waterman

Hello Nursery! Today we learnt about Peter Waterman, we looked at different railways and trains he owns. We looked at where he lives in Coventry and that we also live here too. We painted a big train together! Please see the video and pictures below! What was your favourite part of the week? Please remember […]