Citizen Week at nursery!

Monday Today we talked about how we can be a kind citizen. We talked about who we like playing with and why. Tuesday Today we made our own thank you cards and gave them to someone we are thankful for. Wednesday Today we made a 3D art wreath of all our handprints to symbolise together […]

Nursery Trip To Foleshill!

Friday 22nd July AM children to arrive in school normal time 8.30am as we will be going on a trip at 10AM and will be returning at 11am. All children need to be in their correct footwear and school uniform such as Pe kit. Please bring caps and please make sure sunscreen has been applied […]

Who sank the boat? πŸ›ΆπŸ§

Nursery have had another wonderful week! We shared the story ’Who sank the boat’, the children discussed their views about who they think was responsible for sinking the boat and why. Please see the video for this weeks learning. We also completed a float or sink experiment, we made predictions about whether the objects will […]

The Train Ride πŸš‚ 🚊

Hello Nursery! This week in nursery, we have been focusing on trains as part of our topic this term on transport. The children have had a fab week full of learning and activities. We talked about trains and shared our train journey experiences. We have been working so hard with our writing please see the […]

Project Week: History Week at nursery!

🌟😊 Welcome back nursery! ☺️🌟 It is lovely to see all of your smiling faces! This week we focused on the famous person named James Starley. He was the inventor of bikes. We made our own 3D bikes. We also went to the Reception playground exploring different bikes and scooters. Please take a look at […]

Numeracy Day at Nursery!

Today was Numeracy Day! The children loved going on a mini beast number hunt. We counted how many we could find outside! We recognised and ordered numbers up to 5. Please see todays wonderful learning! What did you enjoy the most today?

Nursery Summer 1 Homework

Hello nursery! Please see the homework attached below for this term! Homework will be due in every Friday! Please also remember to practice name writing daily with your child using the name cards provided in your book. Please ensure you complete each week with your child and send a photo to us to using the […]

Hungry for learning πŸŒŸπŸ›

Hello nursery! Hope you had a lovely weekend and welcome back! This week we shared the story ’The very hungry caterpillar’. The children have had such a fun week! We painted our own caterpillars and butterflies. We went to the forest school searching for different mini beasts in our area. Please see some of this […]

🌟 Health Week Nursery 🌟

All about germs! We discussed what germs are and how they can make us feel poorly. We looked at how we can keep germs away and practiced washing our hands properly. Fruit baskets! We talked about healthy eating and did some wonderful fruit printing using paint. Getting dressed! We practiced putting on our coats independently. […]