Nursery Home Learning- 18.6.21

Hope you are keeping well and safe! Please watch Miss Marwaha’s video below. Let’s have some fun completing our morning exercise! Basic Skills In basic skills, your task is to have a go at writing numbers. Please practice number formation. You can use chalk, water paints or crayons! Please take a picture and send it […]

Nursery Home Learning 17.6.21

Good Morning Nursery! Let’s start with a wake up, shake up! Basic Skills For basic skills today please can you practice writing your name. Please take a picture and upload onto the link at the bottom of this page. Phonics Today in phonics, I would like you to read the following sounds together: Our new […]

Project week- Peter Waterman

Hello Nursery! Today we learnt about Peter Waterman, we looked at different railways and trains he owns. We looked at where he lives in Coventry and that we also live here too. We painted a big train together! Please see the video and pictures below! What was your favourite part of the week? Please remember […]

Prince Phillip Day- Nursery

Hello Nursery! Hope you all had a lovely break! Today (as part of project week) we looked at who Prince Phillip was and what he did. We looked at the royal family, looking at what they wear, where they live and what they do. We made our very own crowns to wear and built our […]

Super Worm Learning

This week in nursery we shared the story โ€˜Superwormโ€™. The children really enjoyed listening to this story and engaging in a range of mathematical learning for Numeracy Day and cross curricular learning. Please take a look at the photos and videos below,

๐Ÿ Bee week in Nursery! ๐Ÿ

Hello Nursery! This week we have been learning about bees as part of our mini beast topic! Our shared read was called โ€˜The Very Greedy Beeโ€™. Please watch our video below which talks about the story and what our favourite mini beasts are and why. We also dressed up as bees today, please have a […]

The Ant and the Grasshopper

This term our topic is minibeasts! This week we have been focusing on ants and grasshoppers. Our story was called โ€˜The Ant and the Grasshopperโ€™. Please take a look at all the wonderful things we were doing this week at nursery! Donโ€™t forget to leave us a comment ๐Ÿค—

Snail Trail

Hello Nursery! As part of our topic this term, mini-beasts, this week we focused on snails! We shared the story โ€˜Snail Trailโ€™. We talked about where snails live, where we might find them and what they look like. Please remember to leave us a comment telling us your favourite part!

Amazing Little Chefs

Hello Nursery! You have been working so hard this week, well done! This week we were doing our learning based around chefs! We looked at what chefs do and how they help us! We looked at different types of food. What our favourite foods were and what food we liked the most. We had a […]

Nursery Homework Link

Hello Nursery! Please see the photo below which shows your homework for this term! Please complete each week. Please remember to upload a photo of your childโ€™s work onto the onedrive link. Homework is due in on Wednesdays! Here is the link to upload your homework this week. Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Click Here Click Here

Nursery- Friday PE

Hello Nursery! Nursery will be having PE on Fridays! Please can your child come into school in their blue PE T-shirtโ€™s every Friday. Blue PE T-shirtโ€™s are available from the office. Thank you! Nursery Team

Nursery- Friday PE

Hello Nursery! Every Friday, we will be doing some exercise. On Fridays, please can your child come to school wearing their blue T-shirtโ€™s. Blue PE T-shirtโ€™s are available in the office. Thank you! Nursery Team

Nursery Home Learning- 3.3.21

Basic Skills Hello Nursery! Today, for our final home learning basic skill lesson, I want you to go outside and go on a listening nature walk! Can you leave a comment to tell us all the things you could hear on your walk! Maths In maths, I want you to make your own nurses hat! […]

Nursery Home Learning- 2.3.21

Good Morning Nursery! We are learning all about people who help us. This week is all about nurses! Can you remember our story, Ness the nurse! What was it about? Tell your adult. Please see the video below of Nurse Manny, it shows some daily routines and some of the very important jobs she needs […]

Nursery Home Learning- 1.3.21

Shared story: This term we are learning about people who help us, this week we are learning about nurses. Please see the story below, What was the nurses name? How did the nurse help the children? Basic Skills Today, we will be looking at routines. Please see the video below. Can you make a video […]

Nursery Home Learning- 25.2.21

Please see Miss Kennell’s good morning video, Exercise: Letโ€™s start the day by doing some exercise, join in with the video below! Maybe you could send us a video of you completing the exercise! Math shape/ The world Activity: Can you listen to the shapes song below and sing along! Take a look at the pictures […]