All clubs last for 5 weeks. All the information that parents need is on the BH calendar. We never run a club ,the last week before a holiday.

Clubs will start again on Monday 7 th November and the only one that children do not have to apply for again is choir club on a Monday.

All other clubs will be advertised either this week or the first week back after the holiday.

Many thanks.

16 responses to “Clubs”

  1. Tana I.

    Even though it is late thank you for the information

  2. Ayaan M.

    Thx for info

  3. Tipian I.

    Ok thank you for letting me know

  4. Jasmine P.

    Ok thank you

  5. Ziad H.


  6. Sara H.

    thank you

  7. Bilaal K.

    ok I wude like to go.

  8. Bilaal K.

    ok I wude like to go.6

  9. Mopelola L.

    My Mum called about Homework club but she said that you will pick but I am confused on how we register and she wants me to join.

    1. Head Teacher

      I choose the children because this is a club to help with work. Certain children are not as lucky as you to have things at home to help you and there are some who get extra funding and are chosen first. You are a good girl, who does her homework well so this club is not for you at the moment but perhaps after Christmas you could join?

  10. Iqra F.

    i am goin to club

  11. Gift O.

    Please MRS Frankish, I would really like to join choir club.

    1. Head Teacher

      Gift please see Mr Russell. It will start again Monday 7th November for 5 weeks.

  12. Azaan H.

    Thanks for the info

  13. Fatimah K.

    Ok thanks for the information.

  14. Jad A.

    ok. thankyou

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