Creating Titles For Double Page Spreads

Here’s a bit of extra homework for those who wish to improve their titles.

This can be completed in your homework books or on paper. Please make sure your teachers see your efforts so we can share any fantastic work and learn from one another.

Copy the youtube tutorials; if you want a title to copy the maybe use ‘6 White Superstars’ or ‘Our Magnificent Titles’ – but it really is up to you.

These are just ideas and you can use any medium you want – obviously you might not have access to highlighter pens at home, so improvise and have a practise! Then you can choose your best one and use it in your books next week!

2 responses to “Creating Titles For Double Page Spreads”

  1. Tipian I.

    Ok I will try do it and I will bring it to school

  2. Mohammed W.

    I will try these new methods

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