Crock of gold

AN1MALS No more scrimping, No more saving,
We’ll be farmyard millionaires.
JACK Is there something lurking up the beanstalk?
MOTHER Better say your prayers!

Chorus 1
So look around now, if you please,
This is the land where money grows on trees.
So Jack be big and brave and bold,
And find a rainbow crock of gold.
And find a rainbow crock of gold.
Chorus 2
Watch out for witches,
Watch out for dragons too,
Watch out for giants,
Or you’ll wind up in a stew.
Or you’ll wind up in a stew

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  1. Muhammed R.

    I am listened this song

  2. Kaif B.

    I have listened to this music.

  3. Samanta V.

    I loved it thank you.

  4. Israa F.

    Ok I will listen to this

  5. Joel G.

    I liked the song

  6. Emma-Nicolle S.

    I Love it. Thank you

  7. Tahiyan C.

    I like the sound of the music

  8. Luxor A.

    I listen and am interested but i can’t put my finger on it.

  9. Nihit N.

    The music was very nice

  10. Azaan H.


  11. Lawy A.

    I love it

  12. Yogitha K.

    I love the song.

  13. Surinder J.

    I enjoyed the song and the backtrack.

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