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Dol-Y-Moch Day 4

Hello from North Wales!
Children have all had a good night’s sleep and so have the teachers for once!
Last full day today and there’s a determination around the place that we’re going to make the most of it.
We will post pictures as and when we can today!

Group A Mountain and Mine

In the morning group C did orienteering arround the mountains.

In the afternoon group C visited the beach.

Group B climbed up a mountain using their resilience and superb skills. After that, we explored a mine on the mountain.


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  1. I had a great time at Dol-y-moch! my fav part was when me and my team when we was canoeing in the lake and we all fell into the lake. Its was scary at first but after that I did the dol-y-moch dive in the lake,its was really fun I also did it two times.

  2. Pictures shows some incredible scenery around, hope you guys have enjoyed your day today. We all definitely have loved seeing all the updates and pics along the way, Maryam we all missing you at home, all your aunties and uncles…including ur bro! 😀 see you soon tomorrow, enjoy your final night tonight, can’t wait to hear about it all 🙂 love mum 💕

  3. Dear Prisha didi
    Hope you are having a great time in Dol-Y-Moch and your friends too ☺️☺️ and a big thank you to the teachers for putting up the pictures for us and I can see your picture of you Prisha didi and we are missing you !!Thanks Mr Inman

    • Thank you Mr Inman for the pictures. Hope you all had a great time in Dol-Y-Moch. cant wait to see u Israa miss you so much nite nite and sweetdreams to you all see you tomorrow!

  4. Good Morning to all superstar at Dol-Y-Moch last day to have more wonderful experiences. looking forward to seeing more pictures. Once again many many thanks to all the teachers for your hard Work and taking care of our children. my princess missing you so much can’t wait to see you tomorrow love mummy xxxxxx.

  5. Good morning to everyone!!!
    Another adventurous day ahead!! Enjoy to the fullest on the last day. Can’t wait for tomorrow to see you Surinder !!!😃😃🥰
    Will be waiting for the photos Mr Inman!😁😁

  6. Good morning all Dol-Y-Moch children and teachers. Enjoy your last full day and make the most of it.
    Hope you are okay Esa.M can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear all about your adventures!! Lots of love Mum ❤️ Looking forward to the pictures x