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Dol-Y-Moch Information to Children and Parents

We’re getting close to our leaving date so here is some key information for anyone coming to Dol-Y-Moch

Key Times and Dates:

Monday 27th February at 12:00:
Children arrive at school – if packed lunch then bring with you in disposable bag. School meals will be provided.
Friday 3rd March 1:15pm
Children return from Wales to be collected from school at 1:15pm

Weather Update

So it looks to be very cold but predominantly dry. I’ll be bringing my longjohns!

It might be an idea to pop a few pairs of leggins in to wear beneath your trousers – or equivalent.
Make sure you’ve got plenty of layers and clean t-shirts to wear underneath.
Don’t forget gloves and hat, it’ll make all the difference (especially if we get a spot of snow)!!


General Information:

47 responses to “Dol-Y-Moch Information to Children and Parents”

  1. Aatifa A.

    Sorry this is late, but for contact name will you just need to write down your name?

    1. Mr Inman

      We’ve got all the contact details from the form that you filled out.
      If parents need to contact then do through school, blog, or contact Dol-Y-Moch in emergency.

      I hope this is what you meant?

  2. Osato O.

    can we bring a travel cushion?

    1. Mrs Morris

      If it a proper travel cushion and it fits into your backpack that you are taking on the coach, then it won’t be a problem for you to take one.

  3. Mr Rawlings

    The weather is still looking chilly but dry, which is great for this time of year. Please do remember hats and gloves as they can make a big difference. The area we are staying in is Blaeneu-Ffestiniog, so if you want to check the latest conditions check that location. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, should be a great week.

  4. Ayaan B.

    How Many Times Will We Shower?

    1. Mr Inman

      It really depends on how organised you are and what you choose to do in your free time. I’ll be showering every day and it’ll be nice to get yourself clean after the activities.

    2. Mrs Morris

      Daily, Ayaan. You have free time and there is an expectation that you shower then.

  5. Fatimah K.

    Do we have to come at 12 or can you come at normal times?
    It says to bring pencils, pens and paper ?
    Shall I bring it?

    1. Mr Inman

      Come in at 12 please Fatimah.

    2. Mrs Morris

      School will provide paper, pencils etc

  6. Maryam G.

    Do we need to bring our swimming kits ?
    Do we arrive in Hanford Close entrance?

    1. Mr Inman

      No Maryam – to swimming kits.

      Come in through the main school entrance please. So yes.

  7. Osato O.

    will we be swimming there, or do we need to bring our swimming kits?

    1. Mr Inman

      No Osato. If we end up in water, we’ll be fully dressed!

    2. Mrs Morris

      Dol-y-Moch will provide you with wet suits.

  8. Safa M.

    Do we go to school at 12:00 or are we leaving school at 12:00

    1. Mrs Morris

      12pm Children arrive in school.
      Have a good read of the blog, Safa, all of the information is on there.

  9. Aaminah A.

    Are we allowed to bring watches?

    1. Mrs Morris

      You won’t need a watch. The staff will be in control of the activities while you’re completing them and there are clocks around the centre for you to see during free time.
      Personally, I’d leave it behind.

  10. Osato O.

    im not sure if my suitcase is too big or not

    1. Mr Inman

      OK! Have you or family got a gym bag you could use instead?

      1. Osato O.

        I don’t think so, I have already bought the suitcase it reaches up to my waist will that be ok?

        1. Mr Inman

          I’m going to ask Mrs Morris to respond as she as been before Osato.

          1. Mr Inman

            Mrs Morris will respond tonight as she’s out with her family at the moment.

    2. Mrs Morris

      Hi Osato.
      The smaller the case, the better due to space on the coach and in the minibus but if that is all you have, then do not worry.
      Just make sure you are able to carry it, as you will need to take it from the drop off to your room.

  11. Fatimah K.

    How big shall our suitcase be?
    How many night clothes?

    1. Mr Inman

      You have to carry your case with you towards the end of the journey so you want either one of the small, sort of one person cases or maybe a gym bag? Basically as small as you can get all that you need into.

      On night clothes, we’re there 4 nights so maybe 2 or 3 sets? But I guess it depends on what you normally do.

  12. Aaminah A.

    Do we need to bring a backpack to carry our water etc?

    1. Head Teacher

      Back packs are handy because they keep all your things together.

    2. Mr Inman

      Yes. A backpack is always useful. But Dol-Y-Moch will provide rucsacks for you anyway.

  13. Surinder J.

    Do we have to come in our school uniform?

    1. Head Teacher

      No you come in casual clothes

  14. Sumayyah A.

    How much t – shirts shall I bring?

    1. Head Teacher

      At least one a day.

    2. Mr Inman

      Yes, I agree with Mrs Frankish. I’d pack quite a few t-shirts and leggings as it’s due to be really cold. I’ve just updated this blog with the weather forecast on it.

  15. Manvi R.

    Do we arrive at 12pm or any earlier?

    1. Mr Inman

      12 O Clock is perfect Manvi.

  16. Safa M.

    So do we come to school in any comfortable uniform and with our suitcase do we also bring it inside of school with all our stuff in it ?

    1. Mr Inman

      Just in casual, comfortable clothes Safa.

      1. Safa M.

        So when we walk into school we just wear normal clothes.

        1. Head Teacher


  17. Manvi R.

    Do we need a plastic bottle or a normal one that we usually bring to school?

    1. Mr Inman

      Bring your school water bottle or similar Manvi.

      Hope you’re looking forward to it!

  18. Surinder J.

    Thanks for the info!

  19. Manvi R.

    Thank you for the info.

  20. Prisha T.

    Thank you for the information!

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