Doly Moch Day 3

Today was the first day that we split up into two groups. We will all cover the same activities over next two days. One group went on a mountain adventure and the other rock scrambling and kayaking. We hope you enjoy the clip and are assured that each and every child and adult is having the most amazing time.
We would like to also let you know how immensely proud we are of the children as they are taking part in each activity with the spirit of Broad Heath and are living up to the standards that we set.

18 thoughts on “Doly Moch Day 3

  1. Mehrish everyone is missing you terribly.I hope you are having a great time . Are the teachers seeking up on you at night? I saw you asleep…..:) :) :) :)
    By Family xxxx

  2. The scenery is quite stunning. The children are happy, brave and really enjoying these new challenges. Well done, I am proud of you all!

    • This has really been a wonderful experience and I am so glad that I got to see the children achieve so much. The clips are only a selection of what has been happening here over the last few days. The children will be able to share even more when they get back.

  3. Hello Amaan and everyone in Dloy Moch. This is really good chatting on the blog and messaging you. It feels like I can see you and chat. When you come back, you can do all the things by yourself rather depending on me. Me and your dad watches the video together. Raumaan’s missing you too. I’m sure this experience will stay with for life. It has taught you being independent and able to work with others. Enjoy and have lots of fun! thank you Mrs Khan and broad Heath team for taking care of everyone.

  4. It looks like it gets better and better each day, I can see by all the smiles you are all having a fantastic time. I can not wait for the big recap once you come home. Thank you Broadheath Sch for arranging such a great experience for my Tiger. Aaisha’s Dad

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