Pay £30 per child for ALL TRIPS in 2023-24 school year. Money needs to be in by FRIDAY to get this offer.Well done if you have already paid.

19 responses to “Don’t forget!”

  1. Rubab G.

    I will bring the 30 pound tomorrow

  2. Ibraheem T.

    Thanks for the info

  3. Ibraheem T.

    I’ve already paid

  4. Manha S.

    i have already paid

  5. Ayaan M.

    Oh no I don’t think my dad has paid for this offer and it’s the last day.

  6. Eliza N.

    Ok thanks for the reminder Mrs Frankish

  7. Muhammed H.

    Think my mum paid

  8. Kian D.

    Paid for Emil and Kian. Mum

  9. Meena B.

    Thanks for the information. I have already paid.

  10. Sonia P.

    I will pay tomorrow.
    ( Sonia’s mum)

  11. Mohammed W.

    Thank for the info

  12. Mahid H.


  13. Esa A.


  14. Tala I.

    Okay 👌

  15. Iyla H.


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