Unfortunately, our other two eggs have not hatched. This is quite normal and could be for a number of reasons, it’s important to remember that this is life. We are incredibly lucky to have been able to watch ‘King Fluffy Charles’ hatch and to take care of him. As he is a lonesome duckling we have ‘borrowed’ another duckling from the farm so that King Fluffy Charles has a friend so…introducing to you ‘Spirit’.

Name the Duckling competition.

Thank you so much to all the children who uploaded their pictures to our Sharepoint folder. Please can all the children named below pop to Nursery to claim your prize on Thursday this week!

34 responses to “Duckling update”

  1. Tala I.

    This is cute little duck

  2. Shayan S.

    He is so cute

  3. Aadyan W.

    He is so cute and fluffy. He looks very healthy and a little black.

  4. Sulaiman A.

    He looks so cute and fluffy😍😍😍

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