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Y1 English Remote Learning (10.03.2023)

Good Morning Year 1!


Challenge: In the comments tell me what you would do if the tiger came to your house for tea?

53 responses to “Y1 English Remote Learning (10.03.2023)”

  1. Amelia B.

    I would give the tiger a cup of tea and yummy chocolate cake.
    I would be shocked and happy because tigers live in jungles and I would not expect a tiger to come to my house.

  2. Safiyyah A.

    I will be shocked, call my mum and then give him some sweets

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Yes I think I’d like someone else in the room if there was a tiger. Especially some I could out run if he became hungry.

  3. Shanum A.

    I will shout as I will be scared. I will then give him some chocolate biscuit.

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Ooo yes if I was a tiger I’d love some chocolate biscuits but I think a real Tiger would prefer something meatier.

  4. Aaron R.

    I would open the door and let him in. Aarons video has been uploaded in 2 uploads.

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Well done Aaron. What games would you play with a tiger?

  5. Kuwar S.

    I would closed the door and not open it because I feel so scared . I would like to give him sandwich ,biscuits and a cup off tea.

    1. Miss Matthias

      What a lovely answer Kuwar! I think would close my door too!

  6. Ayaad H.

    If the tiger come to my house I will not let him inside because I am scared, it can hurt me and my little sister but I will give some tea, biscuits,cakes and pizza bread with meat on top from window.

    1. L Mattu

      Great idea, I think would do the same as I’m scared of the tiger too.
      What would you do if the tiger still wants to come in?

      1. Ayaad H.

        I will give him more food to eat and say go to your den your family is missing you.

  7. Farhan K.

    I have uploaded my video

    1. Miss Matthias

      I can’t wait to watch it, well done!

  8. Abdullah S.

    I uploaded Abdullah’s video.

    1. Miss Matthias

      Thank you Abdullah. :)

  9. Ameera K.

    If tiger comes to my home I’ll give him same meat, maybe than he not gonna be so hungry and do not eat all our food.

    1. Mrs Hill

      Wow thanks is good answer. What kind of meat would you give him?

  10. Aiyla I.

    If the tiger came to my house for tea, I will get tiger food because the tiger and I will eat tea together.

    1. Mrs Hill

      Well done Aiyla. Where do you think you can buy tiger food from ?

      1. Aiyla I.

        From the pet shop

  11. Gaira M.

    I would give the tiger just abit of food and send him away

    1. Mrs Hill

      Gaira what if the tiger wanted to come and play just for a little while would you let him in to play.?

  12. Mrs Hill

    Wow well done to the children that have log in and done their English work.πŸ‘

  13. Abdullah S.

    I would give him meat for tea and half of the cupcake. I will be a bit scared too.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      I would definitely be scared!
      Why would you only give him half of a cupcake? 😊

      1. Abdullah S.

        Because I love cupcakes and I don’t want him to eat all of them.

  14. Hatim M.

    If the tiger came to my house, I would definitely be scared and shocked to see him and ask my mum to open the door. I will still let him come in my house because it will be so exciting to have some tea with the tiger. I will help my mum to make a huge burger and tea for the tiger, so he can fill his tummy and don’t ask for more food.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      I think I would definitely be scared too. Yes I definitely think it’ll be very exciting to have a tiger for tea. Great idea! 😊

  15. Austin Q.

    I will give all of my food to him.And give him a kiss.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Oh Austin! I think the tiger will stay with you forever! 😊

  16. Albert Q.

    I will buy so many food from the shop to let the tiger to eat.also I will make a cake for the tigers.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Good morning Albert. Wow! The tiger will be so happy with your cake. 😊

      What would you do if the tiger ate all of your food?

      1. Austin Q.

        I will go to the shop buy some more food

        1. Mrs Mattu

          Excellent idea! 😊

  17. Mr Rawlings

    The tiger who came to tea is my daughter’s favourite book, so if the tiger came to our house she’d make me get her tiger costume and have a party with the tiger.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Haha! It sounds like fun party Mr Rawlings!

  18. Dyari-Larson F.

    Yes I do think my mum would be scared of a tiger . But I think my mum would try and keep it as a pet too because she loves tiger and think there beautiful.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Haha. I agreed Dyari. Your mum will definitely have a tiger as a pet. 😊

  19. Oscar R.

    If the tiger came to my house for tea, I would scared but also happy at the same time, I will get my mum or dad to get the door. We all would eat together and tidy any mess together.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Good morning Oscar. What a great idea to tidy up together. You could have a tidy up party! 😊

      What food would you give to the tiger?

      1. Oscar R.

        The food I would give the tiger is, cakes/muffins, mash, peas and apples

        1. Mrs Mattu

          What a great variety of foods.Well done Superstar. 😊

  20. Dyari-Larson F.

    I would be excited if the tiger came to my house for tea. I would open the door but be a little bit scared. I would say come in and I would laugh at my mum face because she would be very scared of the tiger. I would says to the tiger do you want to play with my cars there very fast. Then when we have finished I would says its tried up time because we need to help mum, and I would give the tiger some of my cats food and i hope he would like it . Then it well be home time then I would say I hope to see you again next time bye bye.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Oh Dyari, you are such a kind little boy. How nice of you sharing your toys with the tiger.😊

      Why do you think your mum would be scared of the tiger?

  21. Adam K.

    If the tiger came to my house I would open the door and I would share my tea with the tiger. I would give him some cakes, meat and bread and some drink of water. I would make sure tiger don’t make mess if he did i would help my mum clean up the mess the tiger made.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Oh wow! Adam what a kind little young man you are! I’m so proud of you that you would help your mum to tidy up. 😊
      How would it make you feel when you help your mum?

      1. Adam K.

        Adam said it would make him happy because I like clean and help my mum

        1. Mrs Mattu

          Oh Adam that’s so sweet! I know it would definitely make your mum very happy. Well done Superstar! 😊

  22. Hosanna N.

    If the tiger came to my house for tea, I would be shocked, scared and I would not open the door. Or maybe I would ask my dad to open the door. Then we would share tea and make sure the tiger doesn’t make a mess.

    1. Mrs Mattu

      Good morning Hosanna, you answer made me laugh. Definitely I would ask me dad to open the door. I would make sure tiger doesn’t make mess and if he does ask him to help me tidy up. 😊
      Well done Superstar!

      What would you have done if the tiger ate all the food in your house?

      1. Hosanna N.

        I would be unhappy because I don’t like when tigers eat my food.

        1. Mrs Mattu

          I agreed Hosanna, I don’t think I be happy if tiger eats all of my food! πŸ˜•

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