European Day Of Language- France

Year 1 looked at the country France for European Day of Language. The children started the day off by learning to say simple phrases in french such as ‘hello’ and ‘my name is…’ They then went on to locate France on a map and looked at the country’s flag.

Following on from this the children took part in a variety of fun activities to find out a bit more about France.
These activities included speaking French, painting in the style of French artist ‘Georges Seurat’ using pointillism, making the national flower of France, learning to dance the ‘Can Can’, making the famous landmark the Eiffel Tower and singing French songs.

The children had a great time and worked so hard. Take a look below at all the learning that took place today.

The children all sang Frère Jacques in One White!

The children created French flags using the technique pointillism and they also created flags using pegs.


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