European Day of Languages- 4 Red

In Year 4 we have been learning all about Germany.

Our first task of the day was to use our geography skills to locate Germany on a map. We studied the map and identified Germany’s neighbouring countries. We coloured in the countries on a map using a key.
We went on to locate the three rivers that flow through Germany and learnt about how nature plays a big part in Germany.

What continent is Germany in?
Name two neighbouring countries?

In History we looked back in time at some key events in the history of Germany. We created a timeline with this information.

What facts have you learnt about Germany?

After lunch we were inspired by a number of German artist. We observed their work and then created our own artwork in the style of Alexej Van.

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  1. Eva T.

    Germany is in the continent Europe.
    Two neighbouring countries are Poland and Denmark.
    The facts I have learnt about Germany is that the capital is Berlin, the German people built a wall to separate the East and the West of Germany but then they had torn the wall down and there are three rivers called the River Rhine ,the River Danube and the River Elbe.

    Thank you for posting this blog Mrs.Jones.

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