Fantastic Spellers 5 Red

Hi 5 Red! Be proud! This is a photo of every person, in our class that got fantastic scores in their spellings. You all are brilliant, keep it up. Hope to see the same next week!

15 responses to “Fantastic Spellers 5 Red”

  1. Minaal A.

    Well done everyone

  2. Hasbia D.

    Well done for getting 10/10!

  3. Yad I.

    Well done to everyone that got higher than there last score

  4. Umar S.

    Well done the whole class
    Keep it up

  5. Tyson T.

    Well done to everyone who got 10/10

  6. Aisha A.

    I am so happy I got 10 out of 10

  7. Aran K.

    Well done everyone!

  8. Muhammad R.

    Well done every one for getting 8 and above this week.

  9. Eman A.

    Well done everyone for practicing their spellings

  10. Sanad S.

    Nice 5R wow most of our class got 10/10 keep it up 5R.

  11. Ali A.

    Well done everyone. We all did amazing

  12. Sania K.

    Well done everyone we all tried our best in spellings to get this.

  13. Romeesa T.

    Well done everyone for practicing their spelling and for getting 8,9 or 10.

    1. Romeesa T.

      I meant well done to everyone

  14. Yaseen E.

    Well done everybody👏👏👏👏

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