Today class, I would like you to work in pairs to research how Spanish people celebrate their birthdays.

Use secondary sources to research and add your findings to the blog please.

Celebrating a birthday in Spain – BBC Teach

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  1. Aaron G.

    Aaron:In Spain they pull their ears because of how old they are.
    Mustafa:In Spain they cook a famous dish for a birthday.
    Aaron:In Spain they also have birthday cakes in Spain.

    Mustafa and Aaron

  2. Adam O.

    In Spain they celebrate their birthdays by pulling their ears gently by how old they are.The famous dish is Spain is paella which they eat during celebrations.In Spain they celebrate birthdays by giving everyone presents
    Adam and zayd

  3. Ramandeep K.

    The kids friends who are invited eat paella on their birthday. They, bring flowers and gifts on their birthday with a delicious strawberry cake, they also pull their ear of how old they are turning. They throw a party.
    Ramandeep and Sabiha

  4. Amirah T.

    People in Spain have cakes and presents just like other people do, but their dishes are different to people around the world. Sometimes the adults take naps. The cook usually makes the dish called paella. Paella can include rabbit’s meat, salt and other items too. The only people who get the crispy part underneath the paella is the adults.
    Meena and Amirah.

  5. Anaya R.

    They bring family and friends over on their birthday.
    They have a special meal called paella 🥘.
    They pull the persons ear for how old they are.
    They give presents to each other.
    They play games.
    Keaton and Anaya

  6. Simra S.

    In Spain the celebrate their birthdays by ‘ by giving gifts and having a special lunch together’ (Simra)
    ‘They also pull ears to say how old they are and have friends and family around.’ (Shayla)

  7. Ahmad R.

    Mohammed:They would sake your ear and how old they are.

    Ahmad: They have a a big celebrations cake.
    Mohammed: The birthday boy/girl parents cook a fancy meal.
    Ahmad: they invent friends over.

  8. Muhammad Y.

    Many parents leave there children and pick them up after the party.
    The parties are more complete.
    The guest or the host in Spain may be a little different to what you are.
    Dhiyashini Senthil Nathan and Muhammed Yaqoub

  9. Madeeha T.

    Madeeha and Muazzan
    Madeeha: In Spain 🇪🇸 people do not actually celebrate there birth day they call it saints day or santo. That was a day on becoming a year older.

  10. Afsa P.

    They get presents they give it to the birthday girl/boy then they eat food like rice, paella dish
    then they eat cake 🎂 and put candles on it and say. Feliz cumpleanos and then fall asleep
    right after the 🥳 party

  11. Bethany P.

    In Spain the birthdays are quite similar to ours in England because they have cake and open presents but something that Spain does and we don’t do is that some times they have a afternoon snack called Merienda.

    Bethany and Aryan.

  12. Aisha A.

    People would ask cuantos años tienes which means when is your birthday and you would reply
    mi cumpleaños es el your birthday date then de your birthday month which.

    Aisha and Nihal

  13. Mopelola L.

    In Spain birthdays were not celebrated.It was called santo or saints day. A card is not customary in Spain.They sleep after they eat.Many parents leave their children and pick them up when the party is over.
    Mo and Inder

  14. Zahra N.

    Spanish people eat paella on their birthdays and they go to sleep after they’ve eaten this is also called a siesta. All of there ancestors come over even there aunties and uncles come over to have cake for peoples birthdays and share other foods with there family members and also with friends.
    Paella is made of powder to make the rice yellow you can put whatever you want in the paella but there is a very traditional way to do it. They sing happy birthday in Spanish.
    MG and Zahra

  15. Rehyan M.

    Traditionally, in Spain the birthday was not celebrated; rather, it was the “santo”, or saint´s day, that was the day one celebrated becoming a year older. These celebrations were minimal compared to what they have become in recent years. The styles some people go all out and hire a bouncy castle

  16. Arhan Sarkar

    They first open gift wraps then the mother cook the most famous dish . Then the cut cake and eat food. Then the children play in home celebrate and go home and they prank adults while they are asleep. They do it in the afternoon.

    1. Arhan Sarkar

      Arhan and Amina

  17. Sara K.

    In Spain birthdays were not celebrated. Why weren’t they celebrated? Well instead of birthdays they are called santos or saints day.

  18. Khadijah M.

    Khadijah, Eliza And Mahdi 😊
    1) They have Spanish dishes.
    2) They have family and friends came over.
    3) They have lots of presents.
    4) They had naps after they ate their food.
    5) They ate cake.

  19. Myiesha S.

    Anish and Myiesha (discussed together)
    Spanish people celebrate their birthdays by making their popular food for the children and the families.
    Spanish people eat a simple afternoon snack called merienda after their birthday parties.

  20. Yahya K.

    In Spanish birthday celebrations, sometimes they go somewhere else in the advantage of getting a clean house, they can also have simple of detailed celebrations

  21. Haarun M.

    Janelle and Haarun
    Spain people don’t celebrate normally like we do but rather, it was the “santo”, or saint´s day
    And they have more spacial then us

  22. Hudayfa A.

    In Spain birthday party’s are at the afternoons
    :Abdullah and hudayfa

  23. Yoshita P.

    Spanish birthdays starts by opening presents first then the whole family has food then the adult’s have a nap in the afternoon and the kids wake them up.

    Oliver and Yoshita

  24. Delilah R.

    In Spain a birthday card is not customary in Spanish birthday party’s .
    As A simple sample a or afternoon snack,”merienda” a little chorizo with bread and perhaps a cake with family and the friends in the neighbourhood was usually ample

  25. Alzahra R.

    The way of celebrating Spanish birthday celebrations is you can have afternoon snacks.
    They also eat a little bit of chorizo with bread and perhaps a cake.

  26. Muhammad D.

    Many people go to the increasingly popular places that do children´s birthday parties for a fee, with the advantage that the house doesn´t get messy! Depending upon how you have been raised, a few things about being the guest or the host in Spain may be a little different to what you are accustomed to.
    Muhammad D and Marwah

  27. Welat M.

    Most times they pinch their ear and it depends on how old they are so if you’re 9 they would pinch your ear 9 times. after the cake the adults sleep but the children wake them up. Its traditional to eat this pie which has rice.
    Sayda Welat

  28. Muhammed K.

    They pull Your ear how old you are
    They eat bread cake
    Most children’s birthday are in the afternoon
    Safa muhammedk

  29. Irfa M.

    Irfa and Lawan
    I have learned they pull the persons ear it depends how old they are like if you are 9 they will pull the
    person ear 9times only.
    Most child gives a really nice gift.

  30. Alex M.

    On a birthday in Spain, instead of doing 9-10 or any other age taps, you pull your ears lightly in Spain.
    When your in Spain, after parents eat, they have a nap.
    For dinner when your in a birthday party in Spain, the adults are allowed to have the down bits of some food that some people could have when you eat dinner in Spain, but children can’t have the down bit of the food, but sometimes it could be a different type of food.
    In Spain, you have this traditional food and it’s basically rice and pie, and they do it in birthdays.

    1. Alex M.

      Nma and Alex

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