First Week of Club

Tomorrow (Monday 7th November) is the first week of club. Make sure you wear PE kit if you are attending. The following child have signed up for club for Monday;

Year 3 Club

Eesaa3 Blue
Jebrin3 Red
Zakariyah3 Red
Sumayyah3 Red
Aadam Rasul3 White
Rayan3 White
Subodh3 White
Hadiya3 White
Yasmin3 White
Safwan3 White
Haroon3 White
Muhammad Omar 3 White
Hishaam3 White

Year 5-6 girls netball

Fatimah6 Blue
Kaila6 Blue
Sumaya5 Red
Xlexben5 White
Nuha5 Blue
Elham5 Red
Sadeen6 Blue
Aatifa6 Blue
Najma5 White
Saee6 Blue
Osato6 Blue
Prisha6 White


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