Please watch the video below.

A TTRS competition has been set for you to help your teachers.

Play from 8:00am Friday 4th November – 20:00 Sunday 20th November!

The winning year group will get extra time on the adventure playground.

The winners will not be the year group with just the highest points. We will also look at the amount of children who took part. This means that the year group with the most children playing, will be the winners!

78 responses to “Calling All Year 3’s & 4’s – Your Teachers Need Your HELP!”

  1. Irfa M.

    Year 4 are going to win and Year 3 are going down.

  2. Adam D.

    Year 3 are going down 👎🏻

  3. Nabiha I.


  4. Esa A.

    i am doing daily

  5. Kinza A.

    Everybody practice otherwise we will lose if you’re gonna wipe the floor with year 4 😅😂🤣then practice we can do this year three come on you will lose year 4 😝😜🤪😛

  6. Jebrin Y.

    Year 3 play more or we are going to lose the battle against year 4 in ttrs

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      Jebrin you seem to be one of the only ones playing for year 3! Remember if not all the children play but you have to most pints, year 4 will be crowned the winners. Get playing year 3!

  7. Minnah M.

    let me just get the right angle year 4 L

  8. Mojirolaoluwa S.

    I go to do my bast

  9. Madeeha T.

    This is obvious.
    Year 3 is going down L.
    Year4 is going to win anywase

  10. Aiza B.

    year 3 will lose and year 4 will win.

  11. Meena B.

    Year 4 will win because we have had more education than year 3 year 4 has had 1 year longer than year 3 so year 4 will wipe floor with year 3.
    I disagree on your choices year 4 will win!

  12. Haarun M.

    Year 3 lots of people in year 4 know all times table you guys don’t know all because you just finished year 2

  13. Sidrah S.

    good luck both year groups 3 & 4 woohoo !

  14. Delilah R.

    Ok I will try ! Good luck everyone

  15. Nihal P.

    I have 13 pesent on my ipad

  16. Jari V.

    Year 3 are going to win 🌈and year 4 will have to wipe the floor🤞🏼

  17. Jebrin Y.

    Thank you for agreeing to my message.

  18. Yasmin A.

    We are year 3 are the best

  19. Yasmin A.

    We are year 3 winners

  20. Minhaj A.

    This is easy as eating a bag of crisps we are going to win with a bang. we are already winning. Year 3 just take the big L

  21. Nihal P.

    My sister wants year 4 to win because she 😍😍😍😍 us

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