Tomorrow (Monday 7th November) is the first week of club. Make sure you wear PE kit if you are attending. The following child have signed up for club for Monday;

Year 3 Club

Eesaa3 Blue
Jebrin3 Red
Zakariyah3 Red
Sumayyah3 Red
Aadam Rasul3 White
Rayan3 White
Subodh3 White
Hadiya3 White
Yasmin3 White
Safwan3 White
Haroon3 White
Muhammad Omar 3 White
Hishaam3 White

Year 5-6 girls netball

Fatimah6 Blue
Kaila6 Blue
Sumaya5 Red
Xlexben5 White
Nuha5 Blue
Elham5 Red
Sadeen6 Blue
Aatifa6 Blue
Najma5 White
Saee6 Blue
Osato6 Blue
Prisha6 White

6 responses to “First Week of Club”

  1. Yunus R.

    I wish I took part but I couldn’t because everyone already signed up

  2. Ayaan M.

    Wish i could take part but everyone already sighned up so quickly

  3. Lawy A.

    Mr Rawlings do you have to wear PE kit if your a helper in year 6?

  4. Fatimah K.

    Yes. I will make sure I wear my PE kit today.

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