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Francesca Simon – Horrid Henry

Today, 2 Blue researched a very famous author…

Francesca Simon

We discussed what she is famous for and what her job is.
But what does an author do?…
An author writes a book.
Tony Ross is the illustrator. So what does an illustrator do?… An illustrator draws the illustrations for the book.

We visited the library to find books written by Francesca Simon.
Here is what we found…

Here are some other books written by Francesca Simon. Do you know any others?

Which one is your favourite and why?

Can you name any other books written by Francesca Simon?

Watch the video below to listen to some of our story.


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  1. an author writes books.
    an illustrator draws the pictures in the books or the cover.

    horrid henry fright night is my favourite because i like the stort and its fun