To support families Mrs Frankish has very kindly agreed to repeat the offer we made last year and is proposing that parents pay a one off fee of £30 per child for the years trips. As you know the children have 3 trips in the year so this is great value.

This offer applies to our current Reception up to our current Year 5 soon to be Year 6.

The money needs to be paid by July 14 th 2023 . If the money is not received then you will have to pay as and when and the minimum amount for all trips is £20.

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  1. Rhia H.

    Hello, is there a day my mum can buy school jumpers & fleeces from the office before the 5th September

    1. Head Teacher

      Hi Mrs Frankish here,
      If mum can come in on Friday 1st September the office is open and there will be people available to sell her school uniform.
      Hope you are all well.

    2. Head Teacher

      I am just checking Rhia you are ok as your blog was very early.

      1. Rhia H.

        Rhia &kids are okay, it’s just mum commenting on her night shift :)

        1. Head Teacher

          Are you ok? I thought this might be the case after I posted. Well done mum for thinking ahead, school open next Friday with staff from 8 am…

  2. Sami J.

    I have paid on 20th July.

  3. Amelia R.

    I have paid amelia’s

  4. Jasmine M.

    Hi, is there a list of trips available to view that have been planned for the year?

  5. Tinuola T.

    OK I will pay the fee soon.

  6. Simra S.

    Ok thank you for information

  7. Simra S.

    Thank you for information

  8. Ramarni J.

    I will bring my £30 on the 7 June!

  9. Eesaa A.

    I have paid the £30 for Eesaa.

  10. Alzahra R.

    Ok thank for information

  11. Janelle O.

    Thanks for the information.

  12. Hussein H.

    Thanks for the information Mrs Govier
    -Robyn and Ayaan.

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